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    • Every industry is going digital. Data is the new competitive advantage and edge technologies create new opportunities for your business to gain insights and deliver value. 

    • Manufacturing

      • Manufacturing

        Increase efficiency and profitability with edge computing in manufacturing

        Edge computing is enabling manufacturers to drive greater productivity and increase yields while improving quality, safety and better access to more timely data. 


        The role real-time analytics plays in manufacturing

        Data analytics at the edge is enabling manufacturers to benefit from a new, smart world of real-team operational changes, automated systems and repairs, predictive analytics and enhanced safety and security.


        Build a smarter factory with insights from the edge

        Enabled by computing at the edge, manufacturers are creating data-driven, smart factories that can optimize supply chains, enhance security through cyber technology and meet the changing needs of a growing, connected society.

      • Experience the future of manufacturing powered by edge technologies

        Experience the future of manufacturing powered by edge technologies

        Take a journey into your future with Dell Technologies’ interactive visualization of manufacturing. Experience how Edge computing is creating a world of possibilities and new opportunities.

    • Retail

      • Retail

        Unlock the potential of omnichannel retail at the edge

        Get a deeper understanding of your customers with edge computing. By combining edge solutions with a multitude of sensing technologies and artificial intelligence to transform the shopping experience through real-time offers, VIP perks, and much more.


        Redefine the shopping experience with edge solutions for retail

        The need for retailers to connect both online and in-store has never been more important. With the combination of edge computing, computer vision and data analytics, retailers can create powerful shopping experiences in real-time, boosting both sales and loyalty.


        Seamless, personalized retail needs intelligence at the edge

        Deliver a seamless, personalized shopping experience across online and in-store with connected edge computing solutions that deliver real-time analytics and automated retail responses.


        Discover your retail future with edge technology

        Edge technology offers retailers a smart future, whether you are an independent store or a large chain. Benefit from simple and scalable solutions that improve loss prevention and maximize customer satisfaction.

    • Smart and Safe Cities

      • Smart and Safe Cities

        Making cities smarter and safer with Edge technology

        Edge computing enables cities to be more responsive to its citizens and improve their lives by helping manage every facet of public infrastructure including Public buildings, city utilities, traffic management and public transport more efficiently and safely.


        Edge computing enables cities to be smarter and safer 

        Make our cities more efficient and secure through edge computing. Create solutions that predict behavior and facilitate automated responses through advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence.


        Improve public safety with edge computing solutions

        As our cities grow, the potential for crime increases. By combining edge computing, AI and advanced analytics, cities can improve crime detection and create safer environments for their citizens.


        Make our cities hubs for digital innovation

        Cities around the world are centers of connection, ideas and development. By embracing edge solutions, they can be transformed into intelligent hubs for ongoing digital innovation.


        Unlock the power of data to transform our cities

        An array of data-fueled technology is now transforming our cities, automating, and providing smart solutions across: health, transport, public safety, waste management and utilities.

      • Learn how smart cities are shaping tomorrow’s urban future

        Extraordinary capabilities today, together with more breakthrough capabilities in development are creating an exciting future urban landscape for all of us.

    • Healthcare

      • Healthcare

        Improve patient care through connected technologies at the edge

        Provide better patient outcomes and control costs with connected healthcare systems that deliver immediate access to real-time patient insight and support advanced data analytics and AI.


        Data at the heart of better patient care

        Fast and accurate data capture and analysis plays a critical role in the new connected healthcare system. Through edge technology, we are enabling hospitals to become smarter, safer and more efficient.


        Evolve from chronic disease management to preventative care

        Collecting data from edge devices and computer vision solutions is enabling continuous patient monitoring for deep insights into treating medical conditions. This is improving patient safety and outcomes.


        A new vision for safer healthcare and life sciences

        Dell Technologies’ edge solutions are helping to transform the healthcare industry, bringing better security and efficiency in an increasingly demanding environment.

    • Utilities

      • Utilities

        Fueling utilities' smart tech revolution at the edge

        The energy industry is managing increasingly complex grids by performing analytics at the source of data collection, using edge technology. This is enabling real-time demand forecasting, affordable and reliable service delivery, enhanced security, and increased customer satisfaction.

      • Meeting energy’s digital transformation challenges

        Meeting energy’s digital transformation challenges

        Utilities are facing huge digital transformation challenges. Dell Technologies is helping to meet these through edge solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, improve energy security and maximize reliability. 

      • The demand for renewables needs intelligent solutions

        The demand for renewables needs intelligent edge solutions

        As demand for renewables grows, intelligent edge solutions provide the opportunity to re-fuel the energy sector. Understand how the utilities industry is being transformed through automation and advanced data analytics at the edge.

      • Turning energy data in powerful intelligence at the edge

        Turning energy data in powerful intelligence at the edge

        The energy industry is producing a huge volume of data. By using edge solutions this can be captured and analyzed in real time to produce powerful, actionable intelligence.

    • Transportation

      • Transportation

        Transforming transportation for a more connected future

        From road and rail to shipping, aviation and mass transit systems, intelligence at the edge, computer vision and 5G are together driving transportation’s connected future.

      • Welcome to Smart Transportation

        Welcome to Smart Transportation

        Intelligence at the edge with computer vision and 5G is driving transportation’s urban future from mass transit, vehicles, and ships to aircrafts.

      • The Edge is driving transportation’s future

        The edge technologies are driving transportation’s future

        As urban areas are getting busier, cities are evolving to create smarter transportation solutions, growing together to meet the changing need of a connected society.

    • Safety and Security

      • Safety and Security

        Redefine your safety and security solutions

        Deliver essential safety and security infrastructure solutions from the edge to the core to the cloud, aligned with our robust partner ecosystem


      • Helping to keep people, property and the planet safer

        Helping to keep people, property and the planet safer

        Organizations across the globe are leveraging intelligent safety and security systems to help keep employees, customers, and the general public safe

      • Safety and security partner validations

        Safety and security partner validations

        Deploy with confidence in your safety and security solutions with our validated partner solutions to simplify deployment and reduce risk.

      • Modern safety and security infrastructure

        Modern safety and security infrastructure

        Deliver industry-first essential infrastructure solutions from the edge to the core to the cloud for safety and security transformation.

    • Telecom

      • Telecom

        Accelerate network application integration on 5G

        Improve customer experience, increase agility, and cut costs by building your Telecom Edge. Be part of a new era of hyper-connected devices interacting in real time.

      • Unlock new opportunities, new markets and new value on 5G

        Unlock new opportunities, new markets and new value on 5G

        Discover how to make your 5G network an open, modern platform that powers revenue growth and accelerates human progress. We can start accelerating the 5G journey to new revenue streams.

      • Are you ready to offer new services on 5G?

        Are you ready to offer new services on 5G?

        We have a proven co-innovation process for you to accelerate your 5G journey, so that you can deliver real business benefits.

      • The evolving telecom landscape goes beyond 5G

        The evolving telecom landscape goes beyond 5G

        5G is an enabler for broad, real world applications. There is no better time to drive organizational success, and turn ideas into solutions, solutions into services, and services into revenue opportunities.