Fuelling Innovation with McLaren

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      Applying the engine to future industries

      Why it is vital:

      • Drives digital transformation across industries
      • Equips and supports healthcare providers
      • Unleashes the potential of the next generation

      How we make progress:

      • By optimising performance through data
      • By scaling technology solutions across industries
      • By making technology more accessible

      Our progress supports:

      • McLaren’s pursuit of better
      • Manufacturing capability in pandemic response
      • School students to get excited by STEM


      Our Progress Story

      Dell Technologies helps McLaren Racing to design, prototype, and develop race car systems more rapidly and more efficiently, as well as deploy complex simulation tools so the drivers and the team know exactly how to be ready on race day.

      Formula One innovation is amongst the most forward-thinking in the world and McLaren Racing has been at the heart of this for almost 60 years. The second oldest Formula One racing team in the world may be synonymous with names such as Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda and Lewis Hamilton, but today its technology is delivering innovation to industries everywhere.

      In partnership with Dell Technologies, McLaren is positioning itself as the engine of future industry, using advanced sensors, software, electrical engineering and 5G.

      “We help McLaren analyse data to make decisions better, faster, everywhere, maximising speed and agility across their organisation,” says Dayne Turbitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dell Technologies UK. “From faster data insights and speed to market, to design and decision making, we are dedicated to powering McLaren’s fearless pursuit of better.”

      To meet this need, Dell Technologies is working with McLaren to modernise its IT infrastructure and data centres. With a Dell Technologies supported environment, McLaren can optimise the performance of its cars by digging into the hundreds of gigabytes of data they produce on any given race weekend.

      “Access to Telemetry data is crucial and speed of access can be the difference between winning and losing,” explains Ed Green, Principal Digital Architect at McLaren Racing. “That data has to be accessed and analysed in near real-time by our engineers at the track and relayed back to mission control in the UK to support decision making no matter where we are racing.”

      This is a partnership that extends beyond the racetrack and the racing industry itself. McLaren and Dell Technologies are using their combined expertise, resources and technologies to fuel innovation in other industries, including helping airports to manage and improve stand utilisation, minimise delays and reduce costs.

    • Access to Telemetry data is crucial and speed of access can be the difference between winning and losing.

      Ed Green, Principal Digital Architect at McLaren Racing

      Partnering on pandemic response

      In Spring 2020, with car production and racing suspended as a result of lockdown, the partnership pivoted its attention to pandemic response. McLaren stepped up to provide their expert engineering, project management and material services to the VentilatorChallengeUK consortium to answer the Government’s calls for increased ventilator manufacturing – ultimately producing 10 years’ worth of ventilators in 10 weeks.

      “The consortium’s strategy was to accelerate the production of two agreed ventilator designs, from Penlon and Smiths, to avoid the usual lengthy regulatory approval period for new ventilator designs,” says Piers Thynne, Production Director, McLaren Racing “We manufactured approximately 50% of the parts required to help ramp up production of the Penlon device, handling the most complex and challenging aspects of logistics and the supply chain.”

      The speed of response was unprecedented, with Dell Technologies playing a crucial role in accelerating approvals; reducing time and cost from concept to delivery: “Dell Technologies allowed us to harness the powerful data-driven insights that fuelled the rapid prototyping and testing we carried out in support of Penlon,” adds Piers.

      Furthermore, Dell Technologies provided essential IT equipment to Penlon, such as digital displays and CAD-spec laptops for design engineers.


      From clinical response to the classroom

      While the partnership contributed its expertise and technologies to this manufacturing challenge, further resources were deployed to engage school pupils in lockdown – with a focus on supporting parents, connecting students and opening up access to science and technology.

      A programme for 11-15-year-olds studying at home, The McLaren Substitute Teacher Series was a set of short video lessons designed to demonstrate the power of science. “Parents spent months balancing the competing priorities of their own jobs with their children’s education. We felt like we could do something to ease challenging times,” says Dayne Turbitt.

      The idea for the series was to create something that was fun, engaging and educational, featuring different teachers for each lesson including McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris. But perhaps most importantly, Substitute Teacher made STEM accessible to a more diverse range of young people.

      Turbitt adds: “We saw a 20% increase in female viewers on McLaren’s YouTube channel as a result of the series and we hope that it expands our audience to make science and technology accessible to everyone.”

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