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      Helping to make the digital economy safer for everyone

      Why it is vital:

      • Fights cybercrime
      • Supports British entrepreneurship
      • Drives innovation

      How we make progress:

      • Sharing knowledge
      • Mentoring entrepreneurs
      • Providing technology

      Our progress supports:

      • Dedicated mentoring
      • Specialist workshops


      Our Progress Story

      By partnering with LORCA, Dell Technologies supports the development of promising cyber solutions – driving innovation and making the internet safer for everyone.

      In 2019, 82% of organisations surveyed suffered a disruptive cyber event, according to research from the Dell Technologies Global Data Protection Index 2020 Snapshot1. Furthermore, in the past year, 98% of UK organisations have seen attacks rise, 99% have suffered a security breach and 96% believe these have become more sophisticated, according to VMware in its July 2020 Cybersecurity Threat Survey2.

      These threats are increasing as more organisations continue to digitise to keep pace with the pandemic and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

      According to insurer Hiscox3, UK businesses have suffered some of the largest losses due to cyber events. One recent event contributed to $87.9 million of losses for a UK financial services firm.

      Responding to this threat is the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA). Launched in June 2018, this organisation supports 72 cyber start-ups across five cohorts by connecting them with industry leaders, investors and academics, allowing them to grow and evolve their products and contribute to the fight against rising cyber-threats.

      LORCA Innovation Associate Will Sayer explains its goal: “Our mission is to maximise the commercial potential for UK cyber solutions while making the internet safer for everyone.”

      Dell Technologies shares this goal, leveraging its cybersecurity capabilities to help organisations identify, detect, protect from, respond to and recover from cyber-threat incidents, and upskill teams to build and improve their own cyber resilience and capabilities.

    • Cyber security challenges have been accelerated as we have become more connected over the past year. To keep up and respond to rising threats, we need world-leading, cutting-edge technology. Dell Technologies plays a crucial role in giving our cohorts many of the tools they need to scale up and face these challenges.

      Saj Huq, Lorca Director

      Helping start-ups and scale-ups grow

      Dell Technologies is committed to supporting LORCA to advance cybersecurity innovation in the UK. A partner since December 2018, Dell Technologies supports LORCA by coaching start-ups, delivering workshops and seminars on cyber-threat insights, sharing advanced technology strategies and connecting the teams with senior Dell Technologies leadership for mentorship.

      Dell Technologies teams supporting LORCA include Data Protection Solutions with Dell EMC, Threat Intelligence with Secureworks, Network Protection with VMware and Endpoint Security with Carbon Black. With cybersecurity a key and strategic focus, Dell Technologies is committed to expanding its capabilities to support both clients and the market.


      Working with our partners

      “We are delighted to work with LORCA and its members as they launch and scale their promising new cybersecurity enterprises in the UK. Any early stage business needs to think globally from the outset and have an appetite to scale,” says Dayne Turbitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Dell Technologies in the UK. “Our sales and technology mentors know what it takes to succeed in this environment and will share their knowledge and skills with these high potential businesses.”

      As part of its commitment to ensuring that UK businesses keep pace and are prepared for increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats, Dell Technologies has provided coaching and mentoring to LORCA’s scaling companies. Drawing from expertise across the organisation, Dell Technologies has supported LORCA members with product validation, go-to-market strategy and scaling solutions.

      “VMware is committed to advancing better cybersecurity practices both within our customers and in the activities we undertake to support them and their business objectives,” says Scott McKinnon, VMware Security Architect, SDDC Architecture Team EMEA on why his team has partnered with Dell Technologies to support LORCA.

      “We take a cyber hygiene approach to create our products, solutions, cloud services and internal processes, working in partnership with Dell Technologies to support industry initiatives like LORCA.”


      Driving better cyber and risk outcomes for our customers

      Dell Technologies is also part of LORCA’s Innovation Forum, a group representing a cross-section of the cybersecurity and technology sectors, to help shape the direction of LORCA’s programmes. Since 2018, it has also been involved in a variety of workshops and events including this year’s LORCA Live, where experts shared insights on the growing threat landscape and emerging challenges with securing and protecting data.

      “Dell Technologies’ mission is to drive human progress by enabling our customers to reach their full potential through technology. In order to do this, we must protect our customers IP and critical data from cybersecurity threats,” explains Sonya Mathieu, Dell Technologies Data Protection Solutions Director. “We are committed to working with our partners and customers in our focus on research and development, to ensure we continue to innovate in our Cyber Resilience capabilities and solutions.”

      She adds, “LORCA is a great community for us to be part of to share our insights on emerging cyber and trust solutions and threats and to learn from agile start-ups to drive better cyber and risk outcomes for our customers.”


      Understanding needs across the business community

      Since its inception, LORCA has supported five cohorts of cyber innovators. Each contains some of the most promising cyber scale-ups, both in the UK and from around the world, focused on solving a specific set of industry challenges.

      Supporting this process and identifying the challenges that shape cohort recruitment are the Needs Accelerator programmes. These highly targeted programmes are designed to foster innovation to meet urgent industry needs around cyber resilience and growth.

      Dell Technologies UK Cybersecurity Specialist Liz Green says LORCA is a crucial programme in accelerating the UK’s cybersecurity capabilities, and a great example of collaboration in action: “To help the UK to build cyber resilience, collaboration is required. Technology suppliers need to work together to deliver new and innovative secure solutions. Public and private sector need to work together to better understand the threats to the country and target those threats. “All organisations need to prioritise the recovery of key data sets and manage data integrity. LORCA helps Dell Technologies to collaborate with the market and better support the UK in the fight against cyber crime.”