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    • Meet us at Gartner IT Symposium, 2019

      3 - 7 November | Barcelona, Spain

    • It’s better to lead change than be changed. Dell Technologies is a family of seven technology leaders committed to your transformation.  At the Symposium, our Business Leaders, Technologists and customers will reveal how to replace barriers with breakthroughs.

      Join the conversation on Dell Technologies Xpo booth and attend our sessions and workshops.

      Digital transformation is all about achieving competitive advantage. Connect with us to explore how we can future proof your business platform for the emerging technologies that are disrupting industries.


      Register for our VIP Dinner where Academics, Authors and Evangelists will explore this year’s theme “Leadership in a Digital Society”.

      Let’s talk tactics and leadership in a Digital Society at Camp Nou,

      Sunday, November 3rd , 18.30 – 22.00!

    • Attend our thought provoking sessions and engaging workshops

    • Day Room Session Speaker
      Monday 15:15 - 16:15 121

      Workshop: Bridging the Gap From Boomers to Gen X: Removing Cognitive Bias

      Diversity and inclusion the right thing to do and key to drive cultural change towards an open, dynamic and innovative workplace – a business imperative. This interactive MARC (Many Advocating Real Change) workshop will cover:

      •  Identify unconscious biases and privileges

      •  Gender, cultural and ethnical empowerment

      •   How to implement inclusive strategies and a inclusive leadership style

      Aongus Hegarty, President, EMEA Commercial Business, Dell Technologies

      Dr. Sally Eaves, Emergent Technology CTO, Social Impact & Author

      Monday 12:15 - 13:15 Example Room, AC Forum, Level 3

      Pivotal VIP Lunch

      Please sign up by writing to hneiron@pivotal.io

      Sophie Seiwald, CEO, MercedesBenz.io

      Michael Coté, Director, Pivotal

      Tuesday 10:00 - 11:00 131

      Workshop: Bridging the Multicloud Gap to Achieve Competitive Advantage

      Digital transformation is about achieving competitive advantage. The linkage to IT is via software and data. A solid multicloud approach enables IT to accomplish its critical mission to provide access to data and a platform that allows to build software fast.  We will define key priorities for data and software life cycles to ensure your organization delivers the services your digital business needs

      Adrian McDonald, President, EMEA Enterprise Business , Dell Technologies

      Todd Lieb, Director for Strategy & Programs, Dell Technologies

      Tuesday 13:00 - 13:30 111 & 112

      Digital business transformation with McLaren and Vodafone

      The Edge is a data-rich environment with new sources of information.  This fuel digitalized businesses that will offer a new wave of services like connected cars, drones, smart retail and industrial robots. McLaren and Vodafone will share how they have digitally transformed using IoT and AI, and how they extract the maximum business value from data and connections between people and machines.

      Andrew Moore, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Nexus Associates

      Dr Patricia Florissi, VP & Global CTO, Dell Technologies

      Daniel Keyworth, Head of Business Technology, McLaren Group

      Anne Sheehan, UK Business lead, Vodafone

      Tuesday 15:00 - 15:30 10

      Telecom Italia: Digital Transformation Journey with Pivotal

      A successful digital transformation in any large company requires C-level support, organizational change, and a spirit to innovate. This can be quite challenging when most Fortune 500 companies are not digitally native. In this session, CIO Raimondo Zizza will share his journey with Pivotal toward digital transformation to support the business and launch innovative services.

      Raimondo Zizza, CIO, Telecom Italia
      Tuesday 15:00 - 15:30 Auditorium

      Lessons from the Front Line: Cyber Resilience in a Digital World

      CIO:s should prioritize a security posture that protects your organization and embraces a data driven world. We will share a framework that discusses the benefits gained by understanding the maturity of your security posture, inherent risk and targeted and commodity based external threats. This should shape the framework for security and how the industry will enable businesses to act in the future.

      Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA

      Dr Yaniv Harel, Cyber & Technology Leader, GM Cyber Solution Group, Dell Technologies

      Todd Lieb, Director for Strategy & Programs, Dell Technologies

      Wednesday 10:00- 11:00 131

      Workshop: Lessons from the Front Line: Ransomware and Cyber-Resilience

      How do you get a clear understanding of your organisations digital transformation journey, your inherent risk, and the external threats you could face? We will discuss how to prepare for a range of cyber incidents sharing our experience from the front lines. This understanding should shape the frame of future thinking and how the IT industry is evolving to take action against these concepts.

      Todd Lieb, Director for Strategy & Programs, Dell Technologies

    • McLaren

      We partner with the McLaren Technology Group to maximize speed and agility across their organization bringing deep technology to McLaren Racing, McLaren Applied Technologies, and McLaren's esports program, World's Fastest Gamer.


      Future Of Work

      Explore how emerging technologies will impact how we prepare for, find and work by 2030.


      Future Of The Economy

      Explore how emerging technologies are impacting our economy by 2030.


      Don’t just prepare for the digital future, lead the way.

      Success through disruptive, digital business transformation is becoming the new normal. The fact is, today’s CIOs must have unique hybrid skills, able to shape new business goals for their organizations, implement them to outmaneuver the competition, all while using old IT, new IT and emerging technologies.