• SMB Data Protection

    • Make SMB data protection easy with Dell EMC

    • While protecting business data has become a critical priority for businesses of every size, the task of SMB data protection (protection for small- to medium-sized businesses) has become increasingly complex and costly. 

      Data volumes are doubling at an ever-faster rate and data is now stored in a wider variety of locations – from on-premises servers and data centers to virtualized environments and the cloud. Regulatory compliance is more complicated than ever, and performance SLAs are more stringent. And as the challenges of SMB data protection continue to mount, the pressure for IT departments to reduce cost and to “do more with less” continues to grow.

      Dell EMC provides market-leading enterprise and SMB data protection solutions that help to overcome all the challenges of protecting data while minimizing the administrative burden on IT teams as well as the cost of data protection.

    • Explore Dell EMC Data Protection

      Explore Dell EMC Data Protection

      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell EMC.

    • Dell EMC: comprehensive SMB data protection and backup solutions

    • SMB data protection technologies from Dell EMC secure and protect your data, no matter where it resides, with powerful solutions for backup, data archivingdata recovery and replication. With Dell EMC, you can simplify SMB data protection and data management, automate data services, and effectively protect your data from loss, corruption, attack and theft.

      SMB Data Protection Storage

      Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance, or IDPA, is a converged solution combining hardware and software in a single appliance to simplify deployment and management. A clean, intuitive interface delivers a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard, and provides administrators with tools for search, analytics, simplified management and cloud readiness.

      Dell EMC Data Domain is a highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance, with products that are suitable for both enterprise and SMB data protection. Data Domain enables organizations to scale up significantly and to reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data. Data Domain also provides high throughput to complete more backups in less time, minimizing requirements for LAN and WAN bandwidth.

      SMB Data Protection Software

      Dell EMC Data Protection Suite provides software solutions that:

      • Accelerate backups and recovery dramatically.
      • Deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the SMB data protection needs of organizations of all sizes, protecting data and applications no matter where they reside – from on-premises infrastructure to virtualized environments and public or hybrid clouds.
      • Provide coverage across the data protection continuum, from data backup and archive to replication and snapshot.

      SMB data Protection Solutions

      Dell EMC also provides solutions for:

      • Cyber recovery, with software that automates data protection and cloud data security workflows end-to-end to identify suspicious activity, protect critical data and perform recovery after attack.
      • Virtualized environments, with software that provides automation, integration with VMware and comprehensive coverage for the largest application ecosystems.
      • Cloud data protection, including solutions for cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention in the cloud, in-cloud backup and hybrid cloud backup.

    • How Dell EMC overcomes SMB data protection challenges

    • With SMB data protection and backup solutions from Dell EMC, organizations can easily solve the most complex challenges:

      Exponential data growth. Dell EMC technologies feature massive scalability, enabling IT organizations to easily manage data volumes that are growing with no end in sight. Dell EMC Data Domain, for example, can scale up to manage petabytes of usable capacity in a single system.

      Increasingly complex environments. With Dell EMC, managing complex enterprise environments with multiple platforms and applications is easy. Administrators can protect data across all environments – physical, virtual and cloud – with global management tools and centralized monitoring, analysis and reporting.

      Cost and performance pressures. Dell EMC helps to significantly reduce the cost of managing SMB data protection. Advanced deduplication technology helps drastically reduce the footprint required for secondary storage, while fast backup speeds help to minimize LAN and WAN costs.

      Fragmented SMB data protection solutions. With a single, comprehensive solution, Dell EMC provides global visibility across all data protection and backup operations.

    • Future-Proof your SMB data protection solutions

    • Even though their need for innovative SMB data protection solutions is critical, many organizations are understandably hesitant about investing in new technology. SMB data protection requirements and technologies are constantly evolving, and organizations are concerned that their new technology may be inadequate within 6 to 12 months.

      The Future-Proof Program is designed to help customers optimize their IT lifecycle through guarantees, offers, and assurances. Future-Proof includes offers such as a 3-year satisfaction guarantee – competitors offer only 30-day guarantees, and Never-worry data migrations – with Dell Technologies, it’s simple to move to next gen storage with seamless upgrades and built-in data migration tools and more.

    • Calculate your cost-to-protect with SMB data protection solutions from Dell EMC

    • Use our Dell EMC cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to see how much you could save with Dell EMC SMB data protection technology. Knowing your CTP is critical to containing costs while ensuring performance and managing shrinking backup windows. Your CTP calculation is based on the cost of your SMB data protection solution, the gigabytes required for storage, the months supported by your purchase and other criteria.

    • FAQs on SMB data protection

    • What is SMB data protection?

      SMB data protection is the task of safeguarding business data in small-to-medium-sized businesses from accidental loss or corruption as well as theft and malicious attack. SMB data protection strategies may include: 

      • Creating backups of data that are stored on premises, in off-site locations and/or in the cloud.
      • Putting technology, policies and procedures in place to protect data assets from malware, virus attacks, machine failure, facility outages, application errors and user errors.

      What kind of SMB data protection solutions does Dell EMC offer?

      Dell EMC provides storage solutions for data backup and replication, software solutions that manage all aspects of data protection, and solutions for cyber recovery, protecting data in virtualized environments and protecting data in the cloud.

      How can I save money with SMB data protection from Dell EMC?

      Dell EMC helps to significantly reduce the cost of SMB data protection by:

      • Enabling more efficient deduplication, resulting in a reduced and less costly storage footprint.
      • Accelerating backups and reducing bandwidth requirements.
      • Providing a single, global solution that automates many aspects of SMB data protection to minimize staff time required for management.
    • Discover Dell EMC PowerProtect Software

      Discover Dell EMC PowerProtect Software

      Dell EMC PowerProtect Software offers data management, data protection, deduplication and self-service backup and recovery.

    • Explore Data Protection and Backup Appliances and Software

      Explore Data Protection and Backup Appliances and Software

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Explore Dell EMC PowerProtect Appliances

      Explore Dell EMC PowerProtect Appliances

      PowerProtect Appliances provide midsize and enterprise organizations with data backup, recovery and replication.