• Innovative healthcare solutions that securely connect clinical teams and patients and positively transform your workforce

      Empower care professionals by helping them be more productive, more satisfied, and better able to care for their patients with Dell EMC’s connected mobility solutions. Enable IT control and innovation with simplified management and comprehensive security.

    • Dell EMC is uniquely positioned to help

      • Connect care providers to the right technology, processes, and information
      • Enable IT control and innovation with simplified management and security
      • Empower your workplace with actionable data from IoT and telehealth solutions

    • Dell EMC helps organizations build a connected health ecosystem

      With Dell EMC, take a unified approach to connected health to improve outcomes—ingesting data from connected devices and sensors in real time, analyzing data to provide meaningful insights, retaining data for deeper analysis, and further sharing data with collaborators, patients, payers, and partner healthcare organizations.

    • Essential Resources

      Precision Medicine Transformation Resources

    Case Studies



      Improving surgery by practicing in VR first

      See surgeons using an ImmersiveTouch solution to virtually rehearse a challenging brain surgery in real time using a Dell workstation.



      VR Versus Vicodin: How Tech Is Helping Doctors Treat Pain

      Watch how Dr. Ralph Anderson, OB-GYN at Crystal Run Healthcare is using VR technology to ease patients’ pain of labor contractions.



      Drive better medical outcomes and limit unnecessary delays

      Sunrise Health used Wyse endpoints and Dell infrastructure to reduce hospital wait times, let doctors spend more time with patients, and simplified IT management.



      Drives diagnosis and treatment through scanning technology

      NetCam Systems looked for a workstation with the performance to support cancer intensive graphics workloads provided by a reliable organization.

    Learning Library


      Evolving from Chronic Disease Management to Preventative Care

      Learn about Healthcare IoT Data at the Edge and envision moving from disease management to disease prevention.


      Edge and IoT solutions. A new vision for Healthcare and Life Sciences

      Find out how Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences can help transform your organization.


      The new vision for patient care with Edge and IoT solutions

      See how Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences can help transform your organization.


      Connected Health - The Path to Better, More Integrated Care and Health Outcomes

      Convergence of healthcare with: IoT, telehealth, research/analytics and public policy/security.


      Rethinking today's patient care delivery and workflows

      See how Dell Technologies solutions are helping healthcare providers rethink today's virtual health delivery models and workflows.


      Connected Health Use Cases

      Technology solutions for care providers.


      Moving Healthcare IoT from Idea to Reality

      Explore here the current impact of IoT in healthcare, analyze the path forward, and share recommendations to realize value today and plan for the future.


      Connected Health Solution Brief

      Dell EMC can help connect care providers and patients with the right technology making digital transformation real.



      Mobile PCs for the way you work

      These PCs balance mobility with connectivity for effortless productivity, so there’s nothing holding you back from winning the workday.


      Meet the desktops as diverse as your workdays

      Desktop PCs for the way you work and keeps up with you and your patient needs.