• NEW to Dell Technologies Forum London, 2019!

        Following their success at our flagship Las Vegas event; Guru Sessions bring some of the most compelling questions facing us to London, as we discuss how  society will tackle these, leveraging the partnership between creativity, technology & digitization.


        These sessions will feature a number of expert industry speakers, as well as our customer panel which will invite some of the World's leading brands, to have their say. Our Gurus will be discussing topics, including: AI, Super Humans & their creative evolution, why the machines are here to help us and examples of positive social impact through technological advancement, across a number of industries. This is the must-attend track for 2019! 


        Register Now to join us on 26th November at Old Billingsgate, London.

        • 11:00 - 11:30 COFFEE BREAK

        • 11:30 - 12:00

          Brave New Digital World: The 2020 Decade of Human Splendour

          Opening Guru Session, presented by a leading Industry thought-leader; this session will discuss why disruption is the new normal, how emerging technologies are powering the advancement of humanity, including real-life examples of companies & industries who are harnessing this today; and why the rise of human creative powers will be more instrumental than ever in ensuring human progress and tackling the most pressing social issues we face, in partnership with machines. 


          Inma Martinez

          A.I. Scientist, Tech Pioneer and Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures

        • 12:10 - 12:40

          Super-Humans – Panel Discussion

          This discussion, lead by our panel of noteable brands & industry experts, looks at how we; the 'Super Humans' of the future, will continue to evolve our ability to solve problems via creative approaches & invention


          Allison Dew

          Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies


          Stuart Moss

          I.T. Innovation Strategist, Rolls-Royce


          Inma Martinez

          A.I. Scientist, Tech Pioneer and Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures


          Karen McElhatton

          CIO, McLaren Group

        • 12:40 - 13:20 LUNCH

        • 13:20 - 13:50

          Social Engineering - Manipulation for Information

          Jamie talks about the importance of system and network security and is known for disclosing world-wide exploits and vulnerabilities within leading security applications. He finds existing exploits by infiltrating the companies in question. He has demonstrated this by impersonating a pizza delivery person, at a large financial institution and gaining access to their server room via pick-locking (all carried out under fully authorised, ethical penetration testing). Jamie joins us in London to discuss the evolution of cyber security, including organised business crime and social engineering; and will be offering willing volunteers from the audience, the chance to test these theories in real-time!


          Jamie Woodruff

          Europe's #1 Ethical Hacker

        • 14:00 - 14:30

          From Perfection to Excellence – What Can We Learn From Astronaut Selection

          Former ESA Astronaut Trainer of ISS Astronaut Tim Peake, Laura Winterling; will take you on a journey above the surface of our planet in order find out what it takes to become an Astronaut and what we here on earth, can learn from the recruiting and training methods of ISS crewmembers.

          Laura will investigate how the attributes of the the training program and those selected, provide useful synagies & insights for a successfull & efficient Business enviroment. The session will explore which skills we should be looking for when recruiting teams & future leaders and whether we ourselves, have what it takes.


          Laura Winterling

          CEO of Space Time Concepts GmbH, European Astronaut Centre