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  • 07:45 - 09:30 | OEM I Embedded & Edge Solutions Summit


      Location: Mezzanine (2nd floor)

      The OEM I Embedded & Edge Solutions Summit offers you a breakout session tailored to your OEM business, business updates, market trends and insights into our technology visions, as well as a networking breakfast with our OEM leadership team and technical specialists.
      Experience the complete ecosystem of Dell Technologies, learn more about our OEM specific solutions and opportunities and get to know our leadership team.

      OEM Breakout Session Agenda:

      • Welcome - Asaf Paz, UKI Senior Sales Director, Dell Technologies
      • Next Gen OEM Solutions - Jeff Sullivan, Marketing Director, Dell Technologies
      • Leading at the Edge with Dell Technologies IoT Solutions - Mike Fay, IoT Business Development Manager, Dell Technologies

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    08:30 - 10:00 | Main Forum Arrival and Registration


      Location: Expo

    10:00 - 11:00 | Welcome to the Forum


      Speaker: Claire Vyvyan, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Commercial UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies

      Location: Main Stage Theatre


      Speaker: Allison Dew, Chief Marketing Officer, Dell Technologies

      Location: Main Stage Theatre


      Speaker: Dayne Turbitt, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies

      Location: Main Stage Theatre

    11:00 - 11:30 | Coffee Break


      Location: Expo

    11:30 - 12:00 | Breakout Sessions

    • The New Frontier: A Unified Workspace that gives IT time back


      Paul Hayward, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware, & Tim Evans, Senior Principal Engineer, VMware

      Imagine a world where your IT team can stop spending the majority of their time on device set ups, app updates and support calls. Imagine what they can do with their time to solve critical business challenges and innovate.  Stop imagining and learn more how you can revolutionize your business with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace.

    • IT Transformation: Build your Foundation for Innovation


      Paul Brook, Director Data Analytics & AI Pre-Sales EMEA, Dell Technologies

      This discussion shares Dell Technologies point-of-view regarding the key elements involved with transforming IT into a streamlined organization that helps enable the innovation engine within the organization to achieve a digital future. Topics discussed will include the modernization of infrastructure, operations, and service delivery.

    • Security Transformation: Rethink security to accelerate Your Innovation


      Andrew Downes, Field CTO UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies

      In the digital era, security needs to be at the center of your business. Threats are increasingly sophisticated, multifaceted, and expanding in number daily. Organizations need security at the speed of business.  Learn how Dell Technologies’ trusted security solutions help you ensure security is an essential part of your business strategy to accelerate innovation.

    • Blockchain and Digital Ledger: Distributing Trust


      Dominic Stone, Media Entertainment and Games Industries Specialist, Dell Technologies

      This session will look at what smart contracts are, what blockchain platforms look like, and how they can be implemented within an organization to solve trust-related problems.

    11:30 - 12:00 | Guru Session # 1


      Opening Guru Session, presented by industry thought-leader, Inma Martinez; this session will discuss why disruption is the new normal, how emerging technologies are powering the advancement of humanity, including real-life examples of companies & industries who are harnessing this today; and why the rise of human creative powers will be more instrumental than ever in ensuring human progress and tackling the most pressing social issues we face, in partnership with machines.

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      Location: GURU

    12:10 - 12:40 | Breakout Sessions

    • Workforce Transformation: Helping you put your employees first


      Luke Fieldhouse, Client Solutions Technologist, Dell Technologies

      At Dell Technologies, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your workforce transformation goals. We enable you to attract and retain the right talent and grow your business effectively by providing seamless and intuitive user experiences, simplified management, as well as trusted security. It is our job to help you put your employees first.

    • Sweet Data Gold: Unlocking Siloed Data


      Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Dell Boomi

      Done well, data is the gift that keeps on giving. The problem is starting with what we have. Join Dell Boomi to explore the paths on how to break down silos and unlock the value of data across your business ecosystem. Learn how to transform your business to increase efficiency, productivity and value.

    • Understanding Digital Risks Lurking in the Shadows of Transformation


      Russel Ridgley, Field CTO, RSA

      Digital initiatives like cloud, AI, IoT, and leveraging data for new insights are transforming businesses but are also changing the face of enterprise risk. Modern organizations must reassess how they identify, assess and treat the risks associated with deeper digitization of business. This session will highlight key areas of new risk, and best practices in preparing for Digital Risk Management.

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A challenge to consider


      Colin Bradley, Field CTO, Dell Technologies


      AI and ML are challenging the way that business is conducted and bring new considerations for infrastructure, for data, and for monetization.  This session will look at some of these considerations and attempts at remediating them.

    12:10 - 12:40 | Guru Session # 2


      This discussion, lead by our panel of noteable brands & industry experts, looks at how we; the 'Super Humans' of the future, will continue to evolve our ability to solve problems via creative approaches & invention

      View the Guru Track page for further information

      Location: GURU

    12:40 - 13:20 | Lunch


      Location: Expo

    13:20 - 13:50 | Breakout Sessions

    • Work at Full Speed with Dell Client Solutions


      Melvyn Smith, Client Solutions Specialist, Dell Technologies

      Dell’s latest product line-up, featuring a completely redesigned mobility portfolio, is focused on delivering faster, smarter end-user experiences to get people productive more quickly and easily, and help them stay there. Learn how your employees can work at full speed.

    • The Power of the Portfolio: Dell EMC Storage


      Stewart Hunwick, EMEA PreSales Specialist, Dell Technologies

      Data is rapidly becoming a significant source of capital in today’s digital economy—and organizations are sharply focused on how data is stored and managed. This session highlights the role Dell EMC plays in addressing today’s increasing demand for storage, featuring recent innovations across the industry-leading Dell EMC primary and unstructured storage portfolios. Specifically, new platforms and capabilities will be discussed, as well as new multi-cloud offerings and automation capabilities—all designed to unlock your data capital.

    • In the Midst of Fire – Lessons Learned from Serious Incidents


      Chris Yule, Senior Security Researcher, Counter Threat Unit, Secureworks

      The most valuable lessons come from failure. As one of the world’s leading MSSPs and Incident Response providers, Secureworks sees first-hand some of the most interesting cases of security failures, the impacts they have and the chaos that can ensue. It’s the job of Secureworks’ Counter Threat Unit (CTU) to keep track of the threats and trends, and in this session Senior Security Researcher Chris Yule will share some of the more interesting case studies Secureworks has witnessed over the last 12 months.

    • Edge, IoT and 5G: Connecting people and machines to data


      Mike Fay, Business Development Manager, IOT & Embedded, Dell Technologies & Eric Van Vliet, EMEA GTM Manager Telco/5G, Dell Technologies

      The Edge is a data-rich environment with new sources of information developing every day.  To extract the maximum value of this data, connections between people, machines, and the organizations that transform data is vital.  This session will look at how to extract business value from this data-rich environment.

    13:20 - 13:50 | Guru Session # 3

    14:00 - 14:30 | Breakout Sessions

    • Need for Speed – how Dell helps clients deliver when the stakes are highest


      Daniel Eden, Rugged & Mobility Specialist, Dell Technologies

      There are users within companies that are creating from scratch…building and imagining the things that only expertise can deliver. Dell creates products and solutions for these technically-demanding roles. Our Precision, Rugged, and UltraSharp Displays allow the most demanding users the freedom to create without hesitation.

    • Modernise and Transform IT with Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure


      Liam Varndell, Director, Systems Engineering - UKI Enterprise Modern Data Centre, Dell Technologies

      Modern IT organizations want to eliminate complexity by extending consistent infrastructure and operations across their private cloud, public cloud, and edge computing environments. Learn how converged and hyperconverged infrastructure are helping businesses transform IT by simplifying and automating operations and delivering a turnkey experience, while also serving as the foundation for Dell Technologies Cloud platforms.

    • Cybersecurity; Cure or Prevention?


      Scott McKinnon, Business Solutions Architect, VMware

      With an increasingly complex and sophisticated threat landscape, organisations should consider complementing the focus of their cyber protection strategies from a purely reactive model to one that is more proactive.  Join VMware to learn about how prevention techniques, a focus on the applications and data and leveraging the virtualisation layer itself will support better cyber security.

    • Application Transformation: The Foundation For Your Digital Strategy


      Alex Ley, Associate Director, Application Modernisation, Pivotal

      Are you wondering how you can release new digital products and experiences faster, or reduce the cost of maintaining your existing application portfolio so you can free up budget for innovation? Join this session to learn how you can accelerate your digital strategy by rethinking the way you design, build and run both custom and off-the-shelf applications.

    14:00 - 14:30 | Guru Session # 4


      Former ESA Astronaut Trainer of ISS Astronaut Tim Peake, Laura Winterling; will take you on a journey above the surface of our planet in order find out what it takes to become an Astronaut and what we here on earth, can learn from the recruiting and training methods of ISS crewmembers.

      View the Guru Track page for further information

      Location: GURU

    14:40 - 15:10 | Breakout Sessions

    • Social Impact 2030: How technology addresses societies most pressing issues – today and beyond


      David Lear, VP Corporate Sustainability, Dell Technologies

      At Dell Technologies, we believe the future doesn't begin tomorrow, it begins today. We need to address society’s biggest challenges now, or they will continue to compound and eventually be irreversible. Join us to learn more about how we are advancing sustainability to promote a thriving planet, cultivating inclusion to unleash everyone’s potential in the workforce and our communities, and redefining what’s possible by transforming lives with technology. Gain fresh ideas for your own organization and find out how you can collaborate with us to make a positive social impact.

    • Driving value through innovation: Dell EMC PowerEdge and PowerSwitch


      Lee Larter, Networking Director, Dell Technologies & Mark MacLean, PowerEdge Server Product Manager, Dell Technologies

      Infrastructure modernization is more than just raw computational horsepower or data throughput. Join us to learn how Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and PowerSwitch networking deliver innovative hardware features, management capabilities and strategic approaches to provide the greatest possible value for your business or organization.

    • Endpoint Security Strategy for the Digital Age


      Helen Briggs, Head of Data Security EMEA, Dell Technologies

      Where and how people work is changing, and external forces make endpoint security a daunting, if not impossible, task. Make the impossible possible with Dell as your trusted endpoint security partner.  In this session we will discuss security risks in today’s modern world, and how you can gain peace of mind and freedom to embrace your workforce transformation initiatives.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud – Cloud Without the Chaos


      Rob Lamb, Client Principal and CTO, Dell Technologies

      Managing multiple clouds is the new reality for organizations, but that doesn’t have to mean added complexity. See how Dell Technologies Cloud can improve your cloud experience with consistent infrastructure and operations across private cloud, public cloud, and the edge.

    15:10 - 15:25 | Coffee Break


      Location: Expo

    15:25 - 15:55 | Breakout Sessions

    • Digital Futureproofing: IT Modernisation for the Mid-Market


      Join us for this panel discussion to find out what mid-market businesses need to know to make the right IT investments for the future. How confident do you feel about digital transformation and your ability to deliver IT modernisation programmes successfully? How do you not only deploy new tools but also eradicate the organisational barriers that slow adoption? And what technologies are available to help future-proof growth, reduce costs, mitigate threats and enable you to resource effectively?

    • The Next Generation of PowerEdge Servers, featuring AMD


      Tim Loake, Vice President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, UK & Ireland, Dell Technologies

      Hear how the latest generation of PowerEdge servers takes advantage of the latest generation of Server processor technology from AMD. The latest Generation of PowerEdge Servers provide more performance and security, for less power than ever before; understand how you can take advantage of these new developments for your business.

    • Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Overview: Cloud-Enabled, Software-Defined, VMware Integrated


      Mark Galpin, Pre-sales Lead, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies

      In the digital era, where data is increasingly seen as an organization’s most valued asset, IT leaders are taking a data-first mindset with a focus on where it resides, how it is managed, and the way it must be protected. Learn how Dell EMC can protect your data—no matter where it is located—with simply powerful, cost-effective backup and continuous data protection solutions that improve uptime and avoid data loss. With simple, native VMware integrations and cutting-edge cloud functionality, our comprehensive portfolio of all-in-one data protection appliances and software-defined solutions protect you from edge to core to cloud.

    • Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS


      Tim Hearn, Director of VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware

      Rapidly and easily migrate vSphere-based workloads to the cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. Reduce the risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to alternatives that require conversions or re-architecture. Leverage familiar VMware tools and skillsets to accelerate cloud migrations. Once in the cloud, leverage VMware and AWS services to modernize your applications at your pace.

    15:25 - 16:35 | Channel Plenary


      An opportunity for our UK Channel partners to hear all about the latest developments in our channel strategy; learn more about Dell’s multi-cloud strategy from both a technology and financing perspective, how to partner with Dell to drive new business, and increasing cyber-resilience with Dell EMC Data Protection

      Speaker: Hosted by Rob Tomlin, Vice President, Channel Sales UKI, Dell Technologies

      Location: GURU

    16:05 - 16:35 | Breakout Sessions

    • Four Enablers to Accelerate Digital Adoption


      Chris Lawlor, Data Centre Solutions Principal & Fiona Dougan, Services Specialist, Dell Technologies

      While many business leaders have a Digital Transformation strategy, more than 90 percent of business leaders tell us they are facing barriers to executing on that strategy. Dell Technologies works with businesses of all sizes and industries, to remove barriers and accelerate adoption of emerging technologies and drive transformation in the data centre. In this session, we will share four key enablers that will help you to accelerate digital adoption.

    • Dell Digital Way: Accelerating our Digital Transformation


      Ajaz Munsiff, Senior Director, Dell Digital Proven, Dell Technologies

      Today, every organization needs to be a digital organization, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world – and Dell is no exception. This is the story of how we (Dell IT) are modernizing our own cloud infrastructure, empowering our digital workforce, and transforming how we design, build and deploy applications – to deliver engaging new customer experiences. And doing all this while securing the enterprise. We call this the Dell Digital Way!

    • Building Resilience


      Elizabeth Green, Cyber Security Specialist, Dell Technologies; Des O'Connor, AI and Connected Mobility Specialist, Dell Technologies & Will Hamilton, Cyber Resilience Consultant, Deloitte

      Technology resilience is a critical component to a business remaining competitive in this digital economy. Despite the increasing levels of investment in security, catastrophic ransomware and destructive attacks are on the rise leaving organisations exposed. There is a need for organisations to develop and implement a response and recover strategy in the event of a catastrophic cyber-attack. Join the Dell Technologies Resilience Team – Des O’Connor and Elizabeth Green alongside our Advisory Partner, Deloitte to explore how companies create a foundation of resilience that enhance market share, accelerate innovation and generate stronger revenue growth, whilst improving the customer experience and the operational effectiveness. This session will focus on shifting mindsets from just securing perimeters to interdependence and resilience. We look forward to discussing the five steps to surviving and quickly recovering from attacks and incidents that we see with some of our largest global clients as they seek to build true cyber resilience across their organisation.

    • Virtustream – An Enterprise-class Cloud for Mission-critical Applications


      Jon Walsh, Client Solutions Executive, Virtustream

      Virtustream is the enterprise-class cloud company trusted globally to transform and migrate mission-critical applications. With Virtustream, enterprises can focus on delivering value and innovation for their applications, including ERP systems like SAP and medical EHR systems like EPIC.

    16:35 - 17:30 | Drinks Reception


      Location: Expo

    17:30 | Close