• The Connected Series

    ‘No man is an island.’
    Nor is any system,
    organization or industry.

    The Connected Series is a set of assets compiling thought leadership insights related to industry verticals and CxO pain points.

    Real challenges faced by businesses and leaders are discussed with examples of how Dell EMC and Dell Technologies have helped our customers address digital issues end to end.

    Connected Cars

    The connected car is quickly becoming the biggest generator of connected data for car companies and their customers, offering in-depth and highly valuable insights for all stakeholders across the automotive value chain and lifecycle. How will this transform the car industry in the years to come? You will find the answers in Dell EMC’s Connected Car booklet.

    Connected Cities

    As the world becomes more urbanised, citizens, companies, public services and machines (IoT) continue to generate lakes of data. Value can be extracted from this data to improve city infrastructures and the people living there. The Connected City leverages technology and human capital to solve problems and to improve the quality of life for everyone in the city. Read all about it in Dell EMC’s Connected Cities booklet.

    Connected Currency

    The financial world is at the heart of the world’s economy. Yet finance has been impacted by the successive, disruptive revolutions in digital technologies. Connected currency is transforming the world of banking, financial services and insurance. Read the Connected Currency booklet and learn where digitization is changing how traditional finance organisations do business.

    Connected Customer

    The modern customer is hyper-connected, hyper-targeted, hyper-aware and hyper-protective. This has major implications for sales and marketing teams. If businesses want to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers and the new breed of online buyer, they need to find new and innovative ways to engage. Everything you need to know is in Dell EMC’s Connected Customer booklet.

    Connected Care

    More digital power combined with connectivity and mobility has led to an avalanche of data. By managing the digital ecosystem more efficiently and using data insights to save lives, the patient-centric approach across the health ecosystem is a priority. Connected data is paving the way for more preventive and personalized care. Find out more in Dell EMC’s Connected Care booklet.

    Connected CIO

    Traditional businesses are morphing into digital entities in order to survive in a global economy. IT as a function is central to ensuring the organization stays competitive. The Connected CIO has to look beyond technology and take a business centric approach to LOB needs, services, agility and changing the game with software. The Connected CIO is the trusted advisor to the CEO when guiding their company through IT, Workforce and Security transformation.