• Dell EMC delivers proven and modern data protection solutions for VMware

      Organizations are amid a transformational journey innovating at a speed never imagined. Data protection solutions from Dell Technologies gives customers the power to confidently plan their modern data protection strategies through constant innovation, agile engineering, and tight integration with VMware - all at a lower cost of ownership (TCO). As organizations evolve, our solutions ensure flexible and consistent data protection across VMs, cloud native containers, and hardware stacks now and into the future.

    • Dell EMC data protection solutions provide flexibility, scalability and simplicity 

      • Manage VM sprawl with automated data protection 
      • Accelerate IT transformation with VMware backup and integration 
      • Maximize your IT investment with unparalleled levels of performance at a low TCO
      • Unlock ROI from Kubernetes and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing
    • Protecting VMware Workloads in a Multi-Cloud World

    • Managing a single cloud seems manageable, but how do you protect data across multiple clouds? As more users adopt multi-cloud environments, Dell Technologies' deep integration with VMware becomes fundamental, providing the best user experience with automation and orchestration, across the entire VMware stack.

    • data protection vdi solutions - vmware backup

      Optimize Data Protection for VxRail Systems

      Dell EMC data protection for VxRail ensures that you can maintain governance, compliance and security, even when backup responsibilities are decentralized, as organizations drive digital transformation. Dell provides scalable and flexible solutions that are simple to deploy and easy to manage through vSphere with single vendor support at the edge, core and cloud. As organizations continue to redefine what cloud first and hybrid cloud looks like, Dell Technologies and VMware deliver the right infrastructure to address every underlying need.

    • vmware data protection - kubernetes data protection

      Data Protection for Kubernetes Workloads

      PowerProtect Data Manager protects both VMs and Containers with a single enterprise-grade solution. It allows IT operators and backup admins to manage Kubernetes data protection from a single management UI. It enables Kubernetes admins to define protection for their workloads through the Kubernetes APIs and command line. In collaboration with the Velero open source community, Dell and VMware are committed to improving how organizations protect data applications and workloads in Kubernetes environments.

    • virualization - vmware backup solutions

      Storage Policy Based Management for VMs

      Take the guesswork out of data protection and apply automation with Storage Policy Based Management. Engineered with VMware, PowerProtect Data Manager protection policies can be assigned from within vSphere, using well-known, established workflows. This allows vSphere admins to take more control within their environments, driving data protection to become a mainstream conversation for backup admins, by integrating protection policies directly into the storage provisioning strategy.

    • cloud data providers  - vmware cloud direction

      Data Protection for Service Providers

      Through the VCPP, Cloud Providers use VMware Cloud Director to operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses and benefit from low TCO, driven by industry leading deduplication, while meeting high customer expectations.

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      Data Protection for VDI on VxRail

      When organizations need to quickly set up additional virtual desktops, it is easy to do with VxRail systems, VMware and Dell Technologies - then protect your investment with data protection solutions. 

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      Cloud DR with PowerProtect Data Manager

      Cloud DR is part of PowerProtect software and protects VMs to the cloud. Check it out: 


      PowerProtect Data Manager

      Supports workloads from VMs and FileSystems to Kubernetes and Databases. PowerProtect also has Search and Indexing capability added for VMware workloads.


      PowerProtect DD Series

      Simplify data protection, drive efficiency and accelerate agility. Take on cloud, VMware and cyber recovery with the newly expanded PowerProtect portfolio.


    • Cloud data protection helps university save and innovate

      Customer Story: Christian Bros University

      Cloud data protection helps university save and innovate

      CBU switched to a Dell EMC integrated appliance and they gained automated protection of their VMs, a central interface for data protection management, and achieved 84:1 deduplication.

    • Faster VMware backups and database protection for Scripps Healthcare


      Faster VMware backups and database protection for Scripps Healthcare

      Modern, easy-to-manage data protection provides speedy, reliable backups and protects critical databases in record time, enabling Scripps Health to focus on innovating for better patient care.

    • Data protection agility with VMware and AWS


      Data protection agility with VMware and AWS

      To grow its global customer base, protecting their customers’ financial data and keeping their SaaS offerings available were crucial to their business.

    • Dell EMC Data Protection and VMware


      Dell EMC Data Protection and VMware

      customers take advantage of Dell EMC Data Protection integration with VMware to protect critical data, simplify data backup and recovery and lower costs.