• KT Corporation implements data lake and accelerates mobile app market share

      Dell EMC storage and data lake strategy enables KT Corporation to gain market share with its mobile navigation application and derive greater value from big data 

    • Customer

      KT Corporation

    • Industry


    • Offerings

      Dell EMC Isilon S-series scale-out storage, Dell EMC VMAX 10K and Dell EMC VNX 5400 unified storage

    • Key Challenges

      Improve application performance to gain market share, support expected growth in users, expand services based on real-time data analysis

    • Outcomes

      Delivers foundations for a data lake, accelerates big data analysis, scales for rapid surges in data

  • Our Approach

    Accelerate application performance with Data Lake strategy

    Dell EMC Account Manager, JeongYoon Kim, Dell EMC Isilon sales manager, JongJun Son, Account Systems Engineer, SungYong Lee, and Senior Software Engineer, Miri Kim, collaborated with KT Corporation to demonstrate the business agility, scalability, and cost efficiencies of Dell EMC Isilon storage that is optimized for a data lake strategy and rapid processing of massive amounts of data. Dell EMC provided consultation around optimizing the Hadoop architecture and storage in line with Olleh Navi’s real-time data analysis requirements. 

    KT Corporation chose Dell EMC VMAX 10K and Dell EMC VNX 5400 unified storage. The telco deployed, three Dell EMC Isilon S210 scale-out nodes providing 43.2 terabytes of capacity that are HDFS enabled.

    • “In a traditional analytics environment, we would have to purchase and maintain large numbers of servers. With Dell EMC Isilon, we have the flexibility of separating compute and storage, we can increase storage respectively when required. This solution allows us to store large volumes of data with in-place analytics in a single repository which enables us to conduct analysis without data ETL processing.”

      KT Corporation

  • Outcomes

    Accelerating business growth through advanced data lake

    KT expects the number of Olleh Navi users to double within the year due to its advanced user experience and high-quality route data. KT is using big data to enhance its offerings and attract new users. Because Dell EMC Isilon eliminates the necessity for data movement between data storage and an analytics platform, it minimizes data extraction, transformation and loading, and accelerates data analysis time.

    Improving user experience with optimized architecture

    With its optimized architecture, KT Corporation’s Olleh Navi mobile navigation application delivers users with real time traffic conditions and provides the best route to a destination every 5 minutes, versus competitor apps that update every 15 minutes.

    Reducing total cost of ownership by 34 percent

    Through the cost-efficiencies of single volume storage for NAS and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) through Dell EMC Isilon’s multi-protocol feature, the business can reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO) by 34 percent.

    Dell EMC Isilon has native access to HDFS and this means the business no longer have to migrate their data to a separate data appliance. This enables KT Corporation to produce faster analytics results.