• For when life depends on data.

    TGen's precision medicine explorations bring better treatments to more patients. They take discoveries in the lab and translate them into treatment quickly and effectively. To do this requires being able to manipulate massive quantities of data — moving it to where it needs to be, managing it securely and processing it intelligently. How much data? Well, if you were to type it all out, you'd need a stack of paper 92 metres tall. The analytical challenge of working with a data set of that size requires intelligent systems that can incorporate AI and machine learning. By automating baseline data interrogation, humans are free to focus on the finer points of what it all means. TGen's partnership with Dell Technologies to handle all these complexities results in better outcomes for researchers and patients alike.

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      Genomics Research Institute
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      Phoenix, Arizona

    Our partnership with Dell Technologies has been a cornerstone to a lot of work that we've done, and has enabled TGen to stay ahead of the pack, and be a leader in precision medicine.”

  • Mapping one human genome.

    According to Dr Jeffrey Trent, TGen’s president and research director, if you were to type 60 words a minute, eight hours a day, it would take 50 years to record one human genome, creating a stack of paper as high as the Statue of Liberty — and a single misspelling could cause a disease. Dr Trent credits TGen, Dell and EMC for forming an IT infrastructure that now allows scientists and clinicians to receive this critical information faster than ever thought possible.

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