• How the cloud powers India’s dairy farm

    The dairy farming industry in and around Bhilawadi, India faces its own set of unique challenges. Collecting from small-scale local producers and ensuring safe product transport are no guarantee, and can hurt milk yields. Chitale Dairy sells around 60 million litres (16 million gallons) of milk annually from its own dairy farm and the small surrounding farms.

    From monitoring dairy cow habits and health using IoT sensors, to automating and improving milk production through a high-speed, high-availability network, Chitale is the top of the Indian dairy industry. Everyone wins: the farmers, the company, the community — and, yes, even the cow.

    • Company:

      Chitale Dairy
    • Industry:

      Agriculture & Farming
    • Headquarters:

      Bhilawadi, India

    Once we adopted VMware as a technology, it really helped us, because without that scalability I don’t think that we could do what we have done today. We have complete management of cows through computers, changed from a manual process to a computed process.”

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