• VxRail enabled Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) to simplify technology and cut costs while improving service for patients and doctors.

    Delivering images to doctors and patients quickly has always been the goal of SDMI. But over time, their legacy client-server infrastructure began falling short. So they explored hyper-converged to regain optimal performance and reduce data center footprint, costs and maintenance.

    SDMI selected the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance because it was the best at enabling density in a software-defined data center.

    “We went from over 90 servers to a couple of Dell EMC VxRail devices that virtualize all our applications. We also consolidated 80 percent of our direct storage into nine small-form drives,” explains Keith Nunnery, IT systems administrator at SDMI.

    After deploying VxRail in less than a day, SDMI runs its picture-archiving systems on an efficient virtualized infrastructure that supports the company’s goals of service excellence and outstanding patient experience.

  • VxRail transformed an aging infrastructure into a modern, streamlined architecture that allows Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging to achieve:

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