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Written by Anneksiy, Bravado Gaming Journalist.

Alienware has always been at the forefront of innovation and improvement in gaming hardware, peripherals and accessories. To no-one’s surprise, they have recently come up with an ingenious product which is rapidly changing the way we think about portable gaming, the ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier.

In what way does this shake things up you may ask? Well, for one, this allows laptop users to make use of the extremely powerful desktop graphics cards available today by connecting it to their laptops. The reason why this is such a breakthrough is that laptop graphics processors can only get so powerful until they begin to have thermal issues and the like, apart from the fact that they cannot be the size of a desktop GPU. This has caused many on-the-go gamers and professionals to be forced into a situation where they are required to purchase both a desktop and a laptop which is extremely unnecessary in many people’s eyes. The incredible development team at ALIENWARE have managed to provide a solution to people facing this predicament.

The ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier provides a truly immersive gaming experience with desktop-quality graphics to your ALIENWARE laptop. The graphics amplifier provide a 460 Watt internal power supply which would comfortably run even the most powerful of cards available today. To increase its versatility and convenience, it has a 6 food single cord with a proprietary connection which connects exclusively to the ALIENWARE 13, 15, 17 R2 notebooks, Alpha R2 and X51 R3.

The graphics amplifier also allows you to customize your lighting theme even further via the ALIENWARE Command Center so that your high end gear not only looks the part, but has a bit of personal flare too. Laptop screens are great and all, but what really gets me excited about the graphics amplifier is its ability to power as many additional display devices as the graphics card within it can support. Not only does this allow you to experience gaming on higher resolutions, larger screens and increased refresh rates, but this is an extremely valuable ability for working professionals as it will increase production exponentially.

One of the advantages of the ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier when compared to other external graphic solutions is the way the graphics amplifier is connected to your ALIENWARE laptop. The GPU within the housing gets connected directly to the PCI-E controller on the CPU, so the lanes are solely dedicated to graphics instead of being connected to through the motherboard chipset, where it will share PCI-E lanes which will greatly reduce performance. An interesting characteristic of the graphics amplifier is that you might notice improved performance when using an external screen. This is just one of the many pros of the Alienware Graphics Amplifier.

What About Social and Competitive Gaming?

Let’s look at this from an e-sports standpoint, as that is what we at Bravado Gaming are primarily about. Does this change anything up for competitive and professional gamers? Definitely! The ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier might completely change the way event and tournament organizers provide practice space for the competitors. Instead of requiring extremely expensive desktops for the practice and warm-up areas, competitors can bring along their beastly ALIENWARE laptops and be provided with different screens (depending on the purpose) and the ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier.

Not only will this greatly reduce costs for events, but this will also make the life of professional players and admins at the events much easier and simpler as they will not have to waste precious time settings up a completely new and unfamiliar rig. An extremely interesting thought I had was to have internet-cafe-like venues which provide external graphics solutions to traveling competitors to allow players and teams from all over the world to boot-camp and play away from home.

If you are in the market for a powerful and extremely mobile gaming or work notebook, look no further than the ALIENWARE 13 which is in my opinion the perfect match for the ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier. One of the best notebook configurations to be paired with the graphics amplifier is a 1440p OLED touchscreen, which is great for content creation as well as gaming, 16 gigabytes of ram, a beastly Nvidia GTX 1060 and an Intel i7 processor. Imagine having all of this alongside the graphics amplifier, which will only further enhance your experience and efficiency. ALIENWARE really has some of the most attractive designs out there and their laptops are no exception. The ALIENWARE 13 is the perfect blend of aggression and sophistication, with sleek and eye-pleasing curves and edges, as well as the ability to add your personal touch with the RGB lighting.

So think about it, whether you’re an event organizer or just a gamer you can plug-in and plug-out whenever you need. Plugging out when you need your laptop for portable use and plugging in (into the amplifier) when you’re about to get ready to game on titles that require some serious resources. It’s literally a 2-in-1 solution, offering the best of both worlds instead of having to purchase two different systems for two different purposes.͛ – Andreas ‘cent’ Hadjipaschali CEO of Bravado Gaming (PTY) LTD

Furthermore, Detrony insisted that he included his statement about the ALIENWARE graphics amplifier:

When we were setting up an activation at the DELL Solutions Tour in 2016, that’s the first time I got my hands on the ALIENWARE graphic amplifier. I literally plugged my Alienware 17 into it, and all of a sudden I had a system that was equivalent to the power used on a desktop. I was amazed and I would recommend each and every social and competitive gamer to get there hands on one of these bad boys if they’re looking for a multi-purpose and effective solution.͛ – Dimitri ‘Detrony’ Hadjipaschali Captain of the Bravado Gaming CS:GO squad.

But wait a second, we also got hold of some awesome statements made by ALIENWARE gamers from around the globe, and this is what they had to say

 I bought this 4 months ago and i had a gaming pc gave it to my friend…. kept the monitor speakers this made the laptop gaming expirience TRUE!͛ – Alex 

I had this for over 1yr no problems. Runs all games in Ultra mode. I als0 use it with with Oculus systems and it works Great. I am running a Nvidia GeForce GTX 980’- Ralphcoh

It’s fantastic to be able to tuck away a small box like this and have the power of a desktop while maintaining the convenience of a laptop. This is the type of product where if you need it/want it, it is perfect and if you don’t, it makes no sense and you won’t get it. It is very close to perfect for what it is intended to do͛ – mlambert890

Interested In Purchasing?

Now as you all know, ALIENWARE is a very specific and unique type of product, made from only the best possible structure and material for powerful systems. You may not find them at your local grocery store, but we can definitely point you in the right direction by including some of the most reputable retailers in the regions listed below.

South Africa: Grab your ALIENWARE Graphics Amplifier from Incredible Connection Online HERE

Still Not Convinced?

Need more motivation? Now that we’ve talked up the spectacular products from ALIENWARE, it’s time for you to take a look at them yourself. Here are some videos which I’m sure will get you reaching for your wallet! And if you want even more insight on the product, make sure to visit the ALIENWARE Arena where you can interact with ALIENWARE gaming enthusiasts from around the globe.

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