The Mobile Gaming Powerhouse: ALIENWARE 17

 Written by Anneksiy, Bravado Gaming Journalist.

We have seen ALIENWARE completely change the way we not only look at computing and gaming hardware, but also the way we use it. They have managed to do this time and time again, this is one of the many reasons that they are perhaps the most recognizable and desired computer gaming rig companies in the world. What have they gone and done this time you ask? They have unleashed a monster, namely, the ALIENWARE 17.

Despite the fact that the ALIENWARE 17 series of laptops has been around for quite some time, they have managed to yet again, completely re-imagine mobile gaming by implementing some of the most powerful hardware available on the planet, while maintaining a sleek, sexy and elegant form factor as well as being able to keep thermals on a leash.

Going back to the point I initially made about technology improving, we clearly see the benefit of this for us as computers in the new Intel processors being used in the ALIENWARE 17. The laptops pack the latest and greatest in mobile CPU’S in the form of the 7th-generation “Kaby Lake” processors. Not only are these processors extremely fast, they are power efficient and in the gorgeous ALIENWARE 17 chassis the processors will hardly ever overheat. Combine this processing power with the most powerful offerings from Nvidia, the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and you have a beast at both being a gaming powerhouse as well as a work horse, or rather, a work space-ship…

The Gamer Perspective

Let’s take a look at the laptop from the perspective of an on-the-go gamer. The laptop is relatively hefty, weighing in at just under 4,2 kg, however, this adds to the extremely premium feel that the laptop gives off. If you’re worrying about carrying peripherals around, don’t. ALIENWARE haven’t been shy with the ports available on this chassis… if you’re currently having issues with your dongle-top, this is the best replacement by far. You won’t need to carry around a keyboard either as the ALIENWARE 17 is known for having one of the best laptop keyboards out there. Be sure to pack in a mouse though, unless you are a seasoned track pad warrior…

“It’s not just another laptop, or another ‘item’, but way more than that. I’ve tested and played on some of the ‘best’ systems in the world, time-and-time again I can tell you what stands out for me when utilizing the ALIENWARE 17: The build has no comparison with any other laptop on the market right now (unless they’re hiding away some super computer that’s going to be released in 2030), it’s something you can’t explain, it just feels great, solid and reliable. What we find in most tech-items now-days is that either they will look average and perform really well, or vice versa. The funny thing is that ALIENWARE has achieved both of these objectives in one whole solution, which is difficult to copy and this is why they’re seen as the ‘Ferrari’ of laptops. You’ll only understand this statement when you actually get your hands on one.“ – Ruan ‘Elusive’ Van Wyk, in-game leader of Bravado Gaming CS:GO

I’m Not a Gamer?

ALIENWARE is the pinnacle of performance as far as computers and mobile computing solutions are concerned. There may be a stigma around the brand that it is only for gamers, but that is not the case whatsoever!

Sure, their designs are sexy, sleek and extremely aggressive, and they may be known for making top of the line gaming equipment, but it doesn’t end there… The fact that they have been accepted in the gaming community as one of the leading brands that pave the way in terms of innovation and development indicates how incredibly powerful and reliable their solutions are.

I know countless people who are professionals and don’t even touch games that have invested in ALIENWARE solutions as they simply offer the best out there.If you want power, efficiency, reliability, versatility and compatibility, ALIENWARE is the brand for you.

“Let me tell you this, and this is a fact: I run a professional e-sports organization which means that I don’t just game. I design in photoshop, I put videos together, I use a TON of processing power to multi-task applications, to push out the content required for our team and players. What I’m trying to say is that whether you’re a gamer or not, it doesn’t matter because the ALIENWARE 17 build and all of it’s components, accompanied behind the powerful INTEL CPU processors just makes everything work. It’s almost as if each component was created to run exactly the way it needs to run with every other component, it feels amazing, fast and the funniest thing of all is that the aesthetics of the build doesn’t compare to any other combination in the world“. – Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali, CEO of Bravado Gaming (PTY) LTD

All in all, ALIENWARE have yet again smashed it out of the park with the ALIENWARE 17. The ALIENWARE 17 is ready for all of the games, work and virtual reality applications you can throw at it. It’s time to immerse yourself into another realm with this mobile gaming powerhouse.

Interested In Purchasing?

Now as you all know, ALIENWARE is a very specific and unique type of product, made from only the best possible structure and material for powerful systems. You may not find them at your local grocery store, but we can definitely point you in the right direction by including some of the most reputable retailers in the regions listed below.

South Africa: Grab your ALIENWARE 17 System from Incredible Connection here, Takealot here & Evetech here.

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