Stepping into the Next Era of Human-Machine Relationships

My Technology Predictions for 2018 (Part 2) – Mohammed Amin

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Dell EMC, Middle East, Turkey and Africa

I believe that 2018 is going to be a fundamental moment in the history of technology, where we are able to unleash the power of IT to increase productivity and mercifully release bottlenecks that liberate people to focus on what they do best. In Part 2 of my technology predictions for 2018 (read Part 1 here), I explore the opportunities that lie in Augmented Reality (AR) and how our reliance on machines will increase.

“Emerging technologies over the next decade have the potential to solve some of the intractable problems that humanity has faced for so long.”

AR headsets become an everyday reality

It won’t be long until the lines between ‘real’ reality and augmented reality blur entirely. In fact, we are already starting to witness disruptions in some industries; DAQRI’s state-of-the-art devices can bring AR to medical training facilities by helping plan surgeries before they happen through detailed 3D visualizations, and they are also revolutionizing the manufacturing industry through their ability to display control room information in real-time and visualize thermal data to pinpoint congestion issues deep within a pipe.

Clearly, AR’s commercial viability is already evident, but I am expecting to see more organizations deploy its powerful technology to make better business decisions in 2018. Based on the power of the underlying technology, AR will take collaborative working to a whole new level and subsequently disrupt how multiple industries conduct day-to-day business.

Bias check will become the next spell check

Fake news is old news. We are now in the wake of a new type of information misappropriation: bias. Experts at IFTF suggest that human-machine partnerships will enable people to find and act on information without interference from emotions or external bias, while empowering them to exercise human judgment where appropriate.

This ground-breaking development will combine AI and VR technologies to crunch data and identify bias across a broad range of industry protocols. From hiring and promotion decisions to contract negotiations and disciplinary procedures, bias check will be able to mask the true identity of an employee to ensure opportunities are awarded on merit alone and corrective actions are fair and unprejudiced.

“This incredible advancement in the human-machine relationship shows how technology can go beyond sterile data to help revolutionize human resource management and inspire workforce transformation.

I cannot wait for ‘bias check’ to become the new ‘spell check’ but with society-wide benefits, especially in areas where good talent is hard to come by and must be rewarded appropriately. After all, we all benefit in truthful and transparent societies!

Media & Entertainment will break new ground with eSports

While VR has been in the gaming and entertainment world for some time now, I am predicting that it will transcend into the world of sports soon. Currently, there are 385 million global fans watching eSports players battle it out in the high-definition computer-generated universe. These fans are always looking for the next thrill.

Already an “eSports-themed industrial park” is being constructed in the city of Wuhu, China, while Poland hosts the world’s largest eSports event at their colossal Spodec stadium, and South Korea has a highly developed, government-backed eSports market, with local champions earning six-figure sums! The only question left is when can we expect eSports to land its first Olympic Games and exist side by side with traditional sports in the arena of sponsorship deals and interactive fan experience?

As we grow and strengthen human-machine partnerships, organizations will need to learn how to navigate and innovate the ever-changing technology landscape safely and securely. Emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, will accelerate and augment this digital direction making way for a world with amazing new possibilities!

I’m looking forward to the next few game-changing years. Are you? Discuss with me @mamin624 on twitter.

About the Author: Dell Technologies