Let the Transformation begin at the Casablanca DellEMC Forum

Today’s organisations face an unprecedented opportunity to reach a new stage in productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation. The last time such an era arrived was well over a century ago, when the Industrial Revolution changed the world completely.

These moments don’t come by often – and the ones who grab it will define the future.

Signs of change are already around us. No matter the audience you serve, they expect turnkey services at reasonable quality, underpinned by quick delivery and supported by innovation. New technologies driving a digital tide are fundamentally changing business just as electricity, steam engines and oil once did. The advantages are innumerable if the right investments are in place.

But that is the catch: what are the right moves and strategies for enterprises seeking to transform themselves?

DellEMC created its famous Forums for just this reason. The cozy yet robust events are the perfect opportunities – through presentations, peers and networks – to learn more about adopting the digital age

Casablanca is once again host to the latest DellEMC Forum, themed Let The Transformation Begin. This event, which will take place on 24 May 2017 in Casablanca, Morocco, aims to demonstrate the latest in enterprise technologies, including:

Converged Infrastructure:
Learn how scale, savings and performance come together in modern data centres.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud:
Implement future-ready cloud services both inside and outside your organisation.

All Flash:
Discover the incredible technologies that are driving real-time data insights.

Data Lakes:
Find out why Big Data is no longer a big challenge.

Data Protection Services:
Don’t let security and disaster recovery keep you up at night anymore.

Attendees to the DellEMC Forum in Casablanca will enjoy a day of networking and discovery, including interactions with event sponsors Intel, Microsoft, Eaton, Toshiba, Mellanox, Nutanix and Red Hat. Keynote speaker Margaret Franco, Senior Vice President of EMEA Marketing at DellEMC, will explore the ways digital technologies are bringing transformation to the business landscape.

There will also be several tracks on offer, diving into the nuances of this important transition. Presentations include the choice between buying and building infrastructure, equipping your workforce for the future, taking full advantage of cloud computing, driving out complexity in your IT environment, and much more. There will also be an engaging panel discussion, hosted by Driss el Ougmani, DellEMC General Manager MEA, tackling the question of transformation from several views.

The DellEMC Forum, coming to Casablanca on 24 May, is a fantastic opportunity to align modern digital technologies with your thinking, taking your company forward in this monumental time. Don’t miss out – book your spot today!

About the Author: Dell Technologies