EMC’s “back-to-school” Executive Briefing Center comes to Morocco


Over the years, EMC has learnt that helping businesses address real, unsolved challenges back home is way more important than simply bombarding them with loads of marketing material on its latest products.

The point, after all, is not simply to own the latest tech, but rather to implement the tech that best solves problems, keeps the workflow optimal and that creates a premium customer service environment.  And this is exactly the reason why EMC has implemented its Executive Briefing Center (EBC) program across the globe and now also in Morocco. This was the latest stop on a journey that has brought EBC to the Gulf region in April, making stops in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar.

Attendees from 10 of the biggest local companies from the Telcos, FSI and ENERGIE sectors gathered here at the Casablanca Four Seasons to learn not about products, but solutions.

The program employs a back-to-school approach as it brings hands-on problem-solving sessions to regional organizations, helping them transform their IT while encouraging a different approach to solving challenges and preparing businesses for the future.

We are now dealing with an advanced gamut of customers who are already aware of the products, but need to employ tricks of the trade to extract their maximum potential. This is where EBC steps in and shows them how in an environment that is engaging, interactive and fun to learn.

We started the Morocco EBC with a plenary on the modern datacenter and this was followed by an agenda dedicated to each company, providing collaborative and innovative briefings with EMC to facilitate real-life solutions to current issues and problems. These sessions were less Q & A and more of a problem-solving exercise that assists executives to redefine their businesses.

Our customers have different businesses and hence different needs from the solutions they’ve acquired – whether it is Flash or Hybrid Cloud or Data Lakes. It was the job of our experts to skilfully navigate their way across each customer’s needs, until the customer felt they had received the full value of their solution.

Research has shown how the biggest competitors that today’s companies will face in 5 years’ time, are businesses that do not even exist yet.

Executives know it.

They can sense the change in the way we do businesses. And they want answers to this fundamental challenge.

At the EBC program, we help executives to know how best to employ a holistic approach to business transformation and achieve success. And while we provide best-of-breed products, we also offer what few others in the market do: A supporting bundle of training, coaching, demos and interaction that fully address every ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ that the customer may have, in order to succeed.

Previously, when companies had serious questions about implementing and customizing fully functional Cloud environments they would have to travel long distances to receive that kind of information and training.

Now, by bringing EBC to North Africa, we have reached out to our customers here to help them transform their data-centers into fully functional, virtualized environments while streamlining costs and driving greater business value.

Whether it’s IT strategies, Big Data analytics, Cloud applications or the latest next-gen technology, our EBC experts have served over 20,000 customers globally and in the region.

About the Author: Dell Technologies