Dell EMC Expect Moore – The Rise of the Connected CEO By Mohammed Amin

By Mohammed Amin
Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa,
Dell EMC

The New Paradigm

The fourth industrial revolution is amongst us, and the exciting outcome of this revolution will be the natural selection of companies who will lead in the next phase and those who will be left behind.

This particular revolution is happening at an unprecedented rate, it’s very likely that an established company leading in its sector today might not be safe from being disrupted very quickly and lose significant market share within a few short years. This is where we need to make sure that our businesses are capable of withstanding this disruption, luckily Digital Transformation gives us the best chance at conquering tomorrow’s markets.


If we look at today’s business leaders who took part in the Realizing 2030* study; 45% fear that their companies may become obsolete in 3 to 5 years, while 78% feel threatened by digital startups. To make matters worse 72% admitted to not innovating across their organization and 64% are not acting on real-time intelligence to better understand their market and customers. I suggest that these leaders start changing their approach immediately to avoid becoming obsolete.

On the positive side the study found that 72% of CEO’s were expanding their software development capabilities, 38% have a dedicated executive committee to assess progress and 46% are integrating digital goals into department and staff objectives.

Technology is changing our world now more than ever. Rapid changes that are driven by digital agendas and trends are forcing businesses to transform. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, AR/VR, and IOT are accelerating the digital transformation of businesses and enabling them to be competitive and closes the gap between them and their customers’ needs. What differentiates businesses that successfully transform from those who don’t are their visionary ‘Connected’ CEOs. These leaders are driving more revenue and profit to their companies by utilizing digital transformation to measure customer satisfaction, product quality and development as well as their own employee satisfaction.

The Connected CEO

We find that these ‘Connected’ CEOs don three hats, the chief administrator of the company, the chief innovator of the company, and the chief winner of the company. These ‘Winologist’ CEOs seeks to find, evaluate, and execute the shortest journey to market-changing success in the most efficient manner. Being connected enables these CEOs to adapt to change at extreme speeds as these new breed of business leaders leverage the agility their digitally transformed businesses award them. They are winning the race to digital, their digital agendas is enabling customer satisfaction and product evolution.

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Mohammed Amin

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