• Innovation doesn’t stop at the finish line.

    Formula 1 innovation is amongst the most forward-thinking in the world. But, what if the same technology that powers open-wheels on the track at 200mph, can power innovation in other industries everywhere. Enter: McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT). From sensors, to software, to electrical engineering and testing 5G technology, MAT with Dell Technologies are revving up for the digital future.


        COMPANY: McLaren Group   |   INDUSTRY: Manufacturing   |   HEADQUARTERS: United Kingdom


        The engine of data-driven health.

        MAT drives better patient outcomes in stroke recovery, monitoring their progress using the same smart sensors that power their F1 endeavors. Predictive analytics and biometric data—deployed, secured, managed and supported by Dell Technologies—help MAT provide a host of game-changing innovations in healthcare.

      • Peak, proactive performance.

        The McLaren Group needs to ensure high performance for its data center technologies to power critical business applications and data analysis solutions. The Group relies on McLaren IT to support  the growth and speed of innovation across its businesses and to deliver high-performance data center technologies to power critical business applications used by thousands of its global employees.

      • In the F1 world, it’s all about maximising race performance, but in healthcare it could be recovering from a surgical procedure, managing a disease or weight loss.

        - Duncan Bradley, Health & Human Performance Business Unit Director, McLaren Applied Technologies

        Transforming racing. Driving results.

        Formula 1 racing is the ultimate human-machine partnership. Every driver is like an engineer, making split-second decisions based on the data from over 200 sensors that generate over 13,000 pieces of information. It’s powered by high performance data-center storage and server solutions from Dell Technologies.


      The right tools for the job

      IT has a real role in being able to attract top talent. McLaren can optimize its IT performance and give the right device to 4000+ employees working across 20 global locations


      Driving innovation

      IT transformation delivers major impact on business outcomes in a blink. See how McLaren innovates at lightning speed. 

    • Security Transformation

      Accelerating Threat Detection

      McLaren assesses threats in real-time and secures its data using machine learning and AI to process billions of logs annually with Secureworks.

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