• Back up servers to cloud storage easily with Dell EMC

    • The cloud holds tremendous potential to reduce the cost and complexity of data protection and data backup – but only when IT organizations can back up servers to cloud storage easily and cost-effectively.

      Organizations of all sizes face a number of hurdles when trying to back up servers to cloud environments, from time-consuming backups and high WAN bandwidth utilization to the high cost of storage for data that hasn’t been adequately deduplicated. 

      Fortunately, Dell EMC provides cloud data protection and cloud backup solutions that help to simplify backup, recovery and migration to the cloud.


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      PowerProtect Appliances provide midsize and enterprise organizations with data backup, recovery and replication.

    • Dell EMC: simple, powerful solutions to back up servers to the cloud

    • Dell EMC, a market-leading provider of data protection and backup technology, offers comprehensive solutions that enable superior data protection in the cloud and make it easy to back up servers to cloud environments.

      Providing a combination of storage appliances, backup software and data protection solutions, Dell EMC enables IT teams to:

      • Back up servers to cloud environments: Take advantage of cloud-enabled data protection solutions to back up servers to public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Dell EMC solutions leverage the economics and agility of the cloud to eliminate the risk and overhead of tape backups and to backup servers to cloud storage easily and cost efficiently.
      • Back up servers to cloud disaster recovery sites: Dell EMC simplifies disaster recovery with solutions for simpler, faster disaster recovery with lower administrative and infrastructure costs.
      • Manage and back up servers for long-term retention in the cloud: Advanced deduplication technology reduces the footprint required for backup storage for long-term retention in the cloud, significantly reducing costs and the complexity of managing cloud backup.
      • Back up virtual and physical servers and environments to cloud storage: Dell EMC provides comprehensive data protection and superior performance for backup and recovery.

    • Storage, software and solutions to back up servers to cloud environments

    • Dell EMC data protection products comprise a wide range of cloud-enabled solutions that include data protection appliances, data protection and backup software and data protection solutions. Principal solutions that enable organizations to back up servers to cloud storage include:

      • Data Domain: This scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance enables fast backups and uses advanced deduplication to reduce the amount of disk storage needed to back up servers to the cloud.
      • Data Domain Cloud Tier This software technology natively tiers data to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Deduplication helps reduce storage footprints for significant cost reductions.
      • Data Protection Suite This suite of best-in-class software for replication, snapshot, backup and archiving covers all consumption models and protects data across the continuum in physical, virtualized and cloud environments.
      • Cloud Snapshot Manager This SaaS solution makes it easy to protect workloads in AWS and Azure, without requiring installation or infrastructure. Designed for any cloud infrastructure, Cloud Snapshot Manager scales easily as data volumes grow.

    • Dell EMC overcomes challenges to back up servers to cloud storage

    • Dell EMC comprehensive, cloud-enabled technology easily overcomes the traditional hurdles that IT teams encounter when trying to back up servers to cloud environments.

      Shrinking backup windows
      Attempts to back up servers to cloud environments often run into trouble as backup windows shrink to meet objectives for application performance and availability. 

      High-bandwidth utilization
      Traditional solutions often require significant WAN resources to backup servers to cloud storage. Dell EMC technology reduces WAN utilization due to superior deduplication.

      Compliance requirements
      Compliance becomes more challenging when data is moved to the cloud and organizations lose control over domain and location. Dell EMC provides policy-driven backup management that simplifies compliance and lets IT back up servers to cloud storage with confidence.

      Complex, distributed environments
      As enterprise IT environments become more complex, data protection and backup may involve data residing in hybrid, multi-cloud environments as well as on-premises servers and virtualized environments. Dell EMC simplifies management of backup operations with a single, global solution and centralized monitoring, analytics and reporting.

    • How Dell EMC reduces the cost to back up servers to cloud storage

    • Dell EMC helps to significantly reduce the cost of backing up physical servers, VMs and cloud data to secondary storage in the cloud.

      • Advanced deduplication helps to drastically reduce storage footprints and associated costs. 
      • Faster backups significantly reduce WAN bandwidth utilization and associated costs.
      • Easy-to-use interfaces and a single, global solution with centralized monitoring, analytics and reporting help to slash the staff time and cost required to manage backups to the cloud.

    • FAQs on backup of servers to cloud storage

    • Why does deduplication let me back up servers to cloud storage more cost efficiently? 

      Deduplicating data before copying it to cloud storage helps to reduce your storage footprint and the associated monthly costs. Dell EMC advanced deduplication technology provides greater  deduplication, significantly reducing the cost to backup servers to cloud environments.

      Can I back up VM servers to cloud storage with Dell EMC? 

      Yes. Dell EMC data protection technology provides automation, integration with VMware and comprehensive coverage for the largest application ecosystems on-premises and in the cloud.

      Can I back up data already in the cloud with Dell EMC?

      Yes. Dell EMC in-cloud backup technology lets you discover and automate backup and recovery in the cloud, reducing the amount of data protected by taking advantage of Dell EMC deduplication technology.


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