• Make IoT work in the real world

    We help you cut through the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) and deploy a solution that really works — and delivers measurable value faster. With our broad portfolio, open architecture, domain expertise and services — as well as our award-winning partner program —we have what it takes to customize an IoT solution for you. On your terms today and tomorrow and with minimal risk.

    Take decisions to the edge

    The IoT edge is where things first get connected. And with our solutions such as gateways, embedded PCs and specialized servers, you can securely process and act on data while it matters, where it matters. Further, we enable you to take control of the IoT edge with management software, as well as simplify interoperability.

    Sharpen the IoT edge with a powerful core

    IoT solutions require more than just compute at the edge and in the cloud. After all, sending data to the cloud can be impractical because of bandwidth, network reliability and latency. Which is why we provide what we call the distributed core, a layer of data center-level compute, storage and networking that functions close to the data source and enables rapid, sophisticated decision making and powerful machine learning.

    Leverage the cloud for strategic insights

    At the edge and in the distributed core, speed is paramount. But in the cloud, it’s all about discovering insights that create value over time – the kind of strategic insights that can transform your enterprise. And this requires powerful processing, massive storage and potent networks to perform deep learning across vast, integrated data sets, as well as the ability to develop cloud native applications.

    IoT Solution for Surveillance

    Make everything safer

    Pre-integrated, pre-tested and lab-validated, Dell Technologies enterprise-grade IoT Surveillance Solution enables higher levels of safety and greater business value from day one. The camera-to-cloud solution is purpose-built to simplify deployment, scale to handle video up to 4K and beyond, perform powerful analytics and integrate video data with IoT data from other types of sensors (temperature, vibration and more) – all with designed-in security and management across both OT (cameras and other sensors) and IT.