• Get your storage health under control

      CloudIQ is a free, cloud-based application that delivers storage health monitoring, insights, and analytics, letting you easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot your storage environment. Supported on Dell EMC Unity XT, PowerMax, XtremIO, SC Series, PowerVault, Isilon, VxBlock, and Connectrix switches, with CloudIQ its easier than ever to check on your storage environment from anywhere, at any time.

    • Easy storage health monitoring from anywhere

      • Proactive health scores identify potential risks before they impact your environment 
      • Mobile application enables 24/7 storage monitoring access no matter where you are
      • No cost or software to install means you always have the latest and greatest capabilities without disruption
    • CloudIQ makes it easier than ever to maintain better storage health

      CloudIQ makes daily storage health management tasks easier with 24x7 insights to help you make better, faster decisions, and save significant time and costs. Putting critical information at your fingertips, CloudIQ gives you the knowledge needed to provide a healthy lifestyle for your storage environment.

    • Storage performance monitoring tools - Cloud storage analytics

      Customer Story: Plex Systems

      Plex Systems trusts Dell EMC CloudIQ

      Plex Systems uses Dell EMC CloudIQ to keep their storage environment in the healthiest shape possible.

    • CloudIQ: "Has the ability to generate predictive analytics by using machine learning." – Storagereview

      Awards & Reviews

      Dell EMC CloudIQ Review

      "CloudIQ is more than a simple monitoring solution: it has the ability to generate predictive analytics by using machine learning (ML) to look at historical data of systems and to offer best practices and learned knowledge of Dell EMC."

    • Essential Resources

      CloudIQ Storage Resources


      CloudIQ: The Fitness Tracker for Your Storage

      See how to use CloudIQ to give your storage a healthy lifestyle.


      Storage monitoring anytime, anywhere, with Dell EMC CloudIQ

      CloudIQ makes storage health management easier than ever by giving instant visibility to Dell EMC storage from anywhere.


      CloudIQ Solution Overview

      This whitepaper provides a detailed description of how to use CloudIQ to proactively monitor and troubleshoot Dell EMC storage systems.

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