Becoming a digital organization has become mission critical

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    • Now more than ever, organizations need to be digital, powered by data, running in a multi-cloud world

      From retail and manufacturing to finance and high tech, industries are all racing to adapt to the data decade – and to the unprecedented challenges we all face. The leaders are what we call Connected CIOs; experts in meeting business needs with technology and innovating in the face of huge challenges. We can help navigate disruption. From strengthening business agility with multi-cloud, to attracting, empowering and retaining talent with workplace technologies.

      • Today's CIOs face unprecedented challenges and can become digital navigators who guide their organizations through crises while adapting new business goals and strategies.

    • There’s no instruction manual for the challenges we face, but these downloadable reports can help

    • Customer Stories

    • The New Technology-Led Enterprise

      The New Technology-Led Enterprise

      Customer-centric enterprises that are taking a digital-first approach to business are transforming their legacy enterprises to modern organizations in the pursuit of market leadership and next-level customer satisfaction. This Connected CIO Conversation with Jimmy Ng, Group Chief Information Officer, DBS, explores how ‘all-in’ technology-led enterprises are transforming their workforce, redefining customer experiences and generating increased business value in a data-driven era.


      Scaling a Mobile, Digital Workplace

      Organizations already grounded in a robust digital workplace culture can quickly scale their work from anywhere programs. Combined with modern and secure IT infrastructure, they can enable continuous compute and faster access to data bringing a new level of competitive advantage as a resilient enterprise.

      In this Connected CIO Conversation, Surendra S, Managing Director, Infrastructure Services, APAC, Accenture and Amit Midha, APJ President, Dell Technologies with business journalist Brad Howarth, explore the strategies needed for scaling work from anywhere programs.


      Building Resilient, Customer-Centric Businesses

      As organizations look to develop new digital services which are more responsive to their customers, they are increasingly recognizing that it must be underpinned by a robust data-first strategy. Central to this is the technology that organizations use and the need to continue driving transformation while mitigating risks to support an always-on customer-centric business.

      Sam Yalavac, CIO, Bupa ANZ, Amit Midha, APJ President, Dell Technologies and Global Cities and Brad Howarth, Business Journalist discuss business resilience strategies in a data-driven era and why business continuity is shifting to become a top digital transformation priority for IT leaders.

    • The Future of Remote Workforces

      The Future of Remote Workforces

      Hosted by, Adam Spencer, this power panel discussion features speakers from Atlassian, Canva, Macquarie Group and Dell Technologies. Join them as they explore what’s needed to build a secure, resilient and distributed workforce. Highlights include insights into where technology decision makers should invest to future-proof their workforces, insights into the best use-cases in distributed workforces and what a remote workforce in 2025 could look like.


      Insights: The Data Ready, Future Ready CIO

      Chief Information Officers from Federal Government and cross-sector enterprises attended The Data Ready, Future Ready virtual roundtables to hear high-level insights from special Guest Speaker, internationally renown astrophysicist and advisor to the Australian Space Agency, Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith.

      The robust discussion included standout use-cases that are applying advanced data analytics; the spin-off space technologies that CIOs should watch; and the intelligent data analytics creating points of competitive differences for CIOs and their organisations.


      The Data Ready, Future Ready CIO

      A virtual panel discussion of a select group of CIOs and chief decision makers from banking, finance, government, manufacturing, retail and other key industries, sharing their views on the future of data analytics. Never before has advanced data analytics played such a crucial role and this panel focusses how Australian businesses are harnessing emerging technology to unlock the value in their data to increase efficiency, reduce risk and create new revenue streams.


      The Data Ready, Future Ready CIO: Highlights Reel

      Selected highlights from The Data Ready, Future Ready CIO webcast, a virtual panel discussion of a select group of CIOs and chief decision makers, sharing their views on the future of data analytics. Never before has advanced data analytics played such a crucial role and this panel focuses how Australian businesses are harnessing emerging technology to unlock the value in their data to increase efficiency, reduce risk and create new revenue streams.


      AI & Automation: the Future of Work - Highlights from Connected CIO Executive Briefings in ANZ

      The interplay between technology and human resources was the focus of Dell Technologies’ research project Realizing 2030 – the Future of Work. It was also the focus for a series of CXO briefings conducted around Australia, which brought together thought leaders in artificial intelligence, high performance technology and people and culture to discuss the future of work and the roles that each group might play.


      Real Transformation - Highlights from the Connected CIO dinner in Sydney

      CIOs share highlights of the Real Transformation Connected CIO dinner in Sydney where they heard from Howard Elias, President of Services and Digital at Dell Technologies, Karen McElhatton, CIO, McLaren Group, Mikaela Jade, CEO & Founder, Indigital and Craig Tucker, CIO, The Salvation Army.

    • Digital transformation creates millions of possibilities. And four imperatives.

      Now more than ever, technology must move to the center of an organization’s products, services and operations. This empowers you to adapt, act and achieve four business imperatives. Drive Business Agility. Create New Value. Attract and Retain Talent. And Empower Sustainability.


      Drive Business Agility

      Drive business agility with multi-cloud: architect for integration, security and consistency

      Handle the biggest challenges. Gain business agility by investing in automation, especially cloud operations. A unified, multi-cloud strategy provides the flexibility to choose the right environment for workloads and data without adding complexity and cost.


      Create New Value

      Create new value for your business at the edge

      As mobile multiplies and IoT gains practicality, new value can be created with data at the edge. We assist with best practices; from maintaining consistent standards to helping ensure apps are cloud native and containerized.


      Attract and Retain Talent

      Increase talent acquisition and retention with workforce modernization

      Research shows that increasing employee engagement with technology is directly linked to an increase in revenue. Connected CIOs can achieve this, improving productivity, efficiency, talent acquisition and retention.


      Achieve Sustainability

      Meet your sustainability responsibilities

      Worldwide, 13 pounds of e-waste are generated per inhabitant annually. You can help reduce your impact with our programs that resell, recycle or return your excess computer equipment in an environmentally-conscious manner.

    • If digital transformation were easy, you’d already be there

      In digital transformation there can be leaders and those who fall behind. CIOs that have started the process and begun transforming their organizations are better positioned to handle big challenges and achieve business results. They’re quantifiable.

    • Connected Mobility: The ultimate human-machine merger is evolving

      Even in today’s climate a new mobility industry in transportation has emerged, and the business opportunities are promising. Learn about our deep experience in all areas, from robotic factor workers to F1 racing fueled by data.

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    • 1 Dell SMC Transformation Maturity Study 2018.

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