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    We design. We build.
    We test. We explore.

    We help you make innovation real with high-performance computing.

    • Dell EMC HPC & AI Innovation Lab engineers are dedicated to designing solutions and staying on the leading edge of new and emerging technologies to help you keep pace with the constantly evolving landscape.

    • Explore the Dell Technologies HPC & AI Innovation Lab

      Transform data into discovery. Make innovation real.

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      Design workload solutions for your specific IT environment

      Engineer solutions, tune systems for your workloads and implement best practices.


      Test tomorrow’s technology today

      With early access to new and emerging technologies in the Lab, you can evaluate how they will impact your applications.

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      Access expertise without agenda

      Dive into the technical aspects of the solutions you are considering. Explore and discuss trade-offs with subject matter experts.

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      Optimize your high performance computing systems

      The HPC & AI Innovation Lab team blogs about new technology, posts performance test results and shares best practices.


    • Because discovery and innovation have always started with great minds dreaming big.

    • As data analytics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence continue to converge and evolve, we can dream even bigger. And Dell EMC will be there every step of the way with the technology you need to power tomorrow’s workloads and the expertise to bring it all together today.

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      Customer Story

      Caterpillar Autonomous Mining

      There are a lot of advantages to working with Dell EMC. We laid out our requirements and the people at Dell EMC took those requirements and developed exactly what we needed . . . It was very nice to be able to hand this off to people who are experts in the field, who understood what our requirements were, and who could give us a product that actually met those requirements.

      Thomas McCauley, Caterpillar autonomous mining program