Unlock Your Data Capital with New OneFS Updates That Provide 140% Greater Usable Capacity

By Sri Seshadri,  Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Isilon

Modern enterprises are handling more and more unstructured data every day thanks to the emergence of, among other things, cloud-native applications. To manage the data explosion happening across industries, companies need storage infrastructure that’s massively scalable, highly flexible, efficient and future-ready.

Dell EMC Isilon is a leader in the unstructured data storage [1] market thanks to its laser-focus on innovation and today, we’re announcing an update to our OneFS operating system to help companies manage this explosion of data and unlock their Data Capital.

OneFS 8.2.1 delivers hardware-based data reduction features of in-line compression and in-line deduplication on the F810 all-flash platform to enable customers to reduce data centre footprint and  optimise storage resources. With Isilon scale-out NAS solutions powered by OneFS 8.2.1, organisations can modernise their storage infrastructure to support their IT transformation.

With hardware accelerated in-line compression and deduplication capabilities, Isilon solutions powered by OneFS 8.2.1 can provide up to 140% greater usable capacity, depending on the workload, compared to OneFS 8.2 based solutions. [2]

Additional benefits to running Isilon storage solutions with Isilon OneFS 8.2.1 include:

  • Scale cluster capacity up to 139 PB of usable capacity [3] up from 58 PB in OneFS 8.2.
  • Deliver up to 3:1 compression and in-line deduplication on the F810 all-flash platform depending on the dataset.
  • In-line compression and deduplication operations on the F810 seamlessly interoperate with all existing Isilon storage platforms and all OneFS software modules.
  • Increased storage capacity and efficiency reduces data center footprint and resources consumed.
  • Dell EMC’s 2:1 Data Reduction Guarantee eliminates risks and provides peace of mind to the customer.

“In today’s film production – data is our new negative.  In the last 10 – 15 years, the film industry has seen exponential growth in unstructured data acquisition, storage and management.  This rapid growth poses a slew of new challenges with respect to disk throughput, data security and storage capacities,” said Tim Bicio, Chief Technology Officer at Lightstorm Entertainment. “Dell/EMC’s Isilon product line has become our go-to solution for everything film production – from our in-house VFX facility to our remote live action stages. Isilon’s inline compression and high-speed deduplication capabilities will further allow us to consolidate more data in a smaller form-factor – at a lower cost.”

To find out more about how Dell EMC Isilon can help you with your digital future, visit www.dellemc.com/isilon.

[1] Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, October 2018
[2] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of Isilon OneFS, August 2019
[3] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of Isilon OneFS, August 2019

About the Author: Sri Seshadri

Sri Seshadri is a Product Marketing Manager for Dell EMC Isilon since 2013. Sri has over 15 years of Product Marketing experience and has a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston. When he’s not busy working, he likes to travel.