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    Partner with Dell Technologies and get device security, enterprise-level servers and storage, and data protection solutions that can defend your business from dangerous and costly cyber threats.

    A partner to protect your business

    Securing your mid-market business is a constantly evolving process. Our experts help deliver industry-leading security technologies to equip your team and ensure your business is fully protected.

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    Trusted devices

    Fierce security you can count on

    When you have the most secure PCs1 with built-in and available features like SafeID and SafeBIOS to protect from digital and physical attacks, you can be confident that your devices are safe no matter where they go.

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    23 5%
    of monthly PC life-cycle costs per device2
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    monitor brand3
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    Enjoy unprecedented productivity with this stunningly small 2-in-1 that features the longest lasting battery ever found in our PCs.

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    The world’s smallest 14" mainstream business-class notebook27, designed for better security, manageability and reliability, built with a versatile design and ExpressCharge feature.

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    From the world’s most secure desktop family4 this small footprint micro desktop delivers full-size desktop performance and versatile mounting options.

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    Trusted infrastructure

    Protection that spans your business

    Our expansive approach to security gives you greater control of your IT, providing end-to-end security that helps protect your business, your IT assets, and your customer data.

    up to
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    up to
    Savings on infrastructure costs over a 5-year period28
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    Server Solutions

    IT efficiency and end-to-end security are at the core of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. Built with leading integration, automation, and deployment capabilities, every server is built to protect and power a wide variety of applications and workloads with ease. Start and scale as needed knowing that your IT assets are secure, protected and available.

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    Storage Solutions

    As mid-market business face increasingly complex workloads and the constant threat of cyber-attacks, a technology partner that can deliver reliable, built-in data protection is crucial. Dell EMC storage solutions optimize workloads and maximize your storage investments with self-encrypting drives, built-in disaster avoidance and snapshots in each array. Reduce risk and boost productivity with industry-leading scalable storage purpose-built for mid-market businesses.

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    Hyperconverged Solutions

    Whether you are accelerating data center modernization or deploying a hybrid cloud, VxRail delivers a turnkey experience that enables our customers to continuously innovate on a secure, modern infrastructure

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    Trusted data

    Data stays protected. Business keeps moving.

    With data that’s protected no matter where it goes, your employees can focus on pushing your business forward.

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    of malware prevention with SafeGuard and Response5
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    more data protection
    with DP440010
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    Data that’s protected no matter where it goes

    Multiple layers of security that help ensure data is secure in motion and at rest.


    Achieve peace of mind that your devices are inherently safe with a chip that stores user credentials and processes authentication securely.

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    Secure your IT investments with embedded BIOS-level safeguards, including Dell-unique off-host BIOS verification that gives visibility to unplanned changes.6

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    SafeGuard and Response

    Comprehensive threat protection—with Prevent, Detect and Respond capabilities—from Dell Technologies partnerships with Secureworks and Crowdstrike. With AI and machine learning technology of Next-Gen AntiVirus (NGAV) protection from Crowdstrike Falcon Prevent, it identifies potential threats and blocks attacks.

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    SafeData gives end users the freedom to smartly collaborate knowing data is secure, even in the cloud - available only from Dell. With embedded and efficient compliance reporting, IT Admins can verify and prove data is always protected.

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    Data secured at every level

    With purpose-built secure infrastructure, you’ll be confident that customer data is always secure and that your business is running with maximum efficiency.

    The number one purpose-built backup appliance9 gives you industry-leading deduplication, scalability and cloud-ready storage protection at a lower cost.

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    The most cost-effective data-protection appliance tailor-made for mid-market organizations—at the lowest cost to protect.11 Protect up to 4X more data12 with an average 55:1 deduplication rate13 and up to 2X faster backup.12

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    Innovate and extend your IT team

    With best-in-class services from Dell Technologies, you have dedicated security experts ready to get systems up and running fast and resolve issues even faster.

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    faster time to deploy with ProDeploy Plus for Enterprise12
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    faster to resolve server issues with ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist13
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    Services for infrastructure

    ProSupport Plus for Enterprise

    Avoid problems before they happen, with proactive monitoring, automated issue detection and predictive analysis failure detection.16

    ProDeploy Plus for Enterprise

    Experience the market’s most complete enterprise deployment offer, from start to finish.17 Reduce technical support contacts by up to 49% with ProDeploy Enterprise Suite.18

    Services for client devices

    ProSupport Plus for Client

    Experience one of the most complete support services that combines priority access to experts, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring with automatic issue prevention. Reduce time to resolve a failed hard drive with up to 11x faster time to resolution.19

    ProDeploy Plus for Client

    Get new business PCs up and running faster from factory to desk—all with less IT effort.

    PC as a Service

    PC as a Service (PCaaS) combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing21 into one all-encompassing solution. We work with you to develop the best refresh strategy for your business, with strong focus on employee experience and productivity.

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    A single, predictable price per seat per month

    Unique and tailored plans

    The latest PC technology

    3-4 year terms for PC refresh22

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    We offer a variety of ways to make purchasing mid-market products, solutions and services easy for your business. Shop a tailored and customizable site that streamlines technology purchasing and frees your IT organization to focus on the bigger picture. Dell Premier Solutions offer the most efficient way to procure the technologies you need to run your business, with automated ordering, localization, and on-call Dell expertise whenever you need it.

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    Mid-Market Research & Content Hub

    Third-party research and analyst views on the latest technology trends, IT solutions insights and market analysis.

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    Driving Productivity Gains in your Business - IT Solutions for Midmarket Businesses

    In nearly all mid-market businesses, staff costs are the single biggest expense. This Techaisle report follows the strategic framework designed to address the needs of prioritizing and aligning IT investments for mid-market organizations.


    Reducing Costs and Increasing Profitability in your Business - IT Solutions for Midmarket Businesses

    Mid-market businesses have a set of unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to reducing costs and increasing profits. This Techaisle report addresses this gap and focuses on IT investments that can best address these points.


    Stimulating Innovation and Improving Quality in your Business - IT Solutions for Midmarket Businesses

    Shaping the future of your mid-market business can often take a backseat to reacting to the demands of the present. In this Techaisle report, it talked about how technology can empower your resources and help you set new benchmarks.


    Engaging with New Customers in your Business - IT Solutions for Midmarket Businesses

    Acquiring new customers isn’t easy especially for mid-market businesses. In this Techaisle report, discover how technology can make pursuing and developing new customer relationships more efficient and cost-effective.


    Aligning IT with Business Imperatives eBook

    An eBook developed by Techaisle which focused on top four key IT/business issues of midmarket firms: productivity, cost and profitability, innovation and quality, and new customer acquisition. Using the Proaction framework, midmarket business and IT decision makers can build fact based plans that yield significant, predictable benefits to their business.


    The Workers’ Experience Report

    To compete in the digital era, organizations require a skilled and highly productive workforce empowered by the right technology. In this comprehensive report, it takes you through the survey results in a step-by-step fashion, to help you better understand the needs of your own workforce.


    TEI - Dell specialized devices deliver workforce productivity benefits for the Midmarket segment

    Employees using suboptimal devices resulted in low efficiency and low effectiveness due to slow applications and unstable/unreliable devices. In this report, Forrester provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential impact of these specialized devices on their organizations. Three categories of benefits were identified: 1) user productivity gains; 2) improved customer experience (external); and 3) IT cost savings.


    The Economic Value of Data Domain and Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPA)

    Mid-market businesses are constantly challenged to do more with less, which means they must be smart and strategic with every infrastructure investment and what solutions they choose to protect their most valuable asset: their data. This study evaluates the real-world business efficiencies and economic benefits of Data Doman and Integrated Data Protection Appliances.


    Faster Server Refresh Cycles Boost Innovation and Security for Midmarket Businesses

    Delivering secure, fast, reliable software that supports business innovation and agility requires companies to embrace modernized infrastructure, from automation and virtualization tools down to the servers themselves. This report reveals that to stay relevant, secure and to fuel the bottom line, mid-market organizations must prioritize modernizing their infrastructure with regularity.


    Why Data Center Modernization is Critical to Business Success

    To support the scale and complexity of a changing technology landscape, mid-market organizations must be proactive in evaluating their data center ecosystem for business efficiency and security. This report explores that mid-market companies who have embraced modernized IT as a core competency realize better IT efficiency, improved end-user experience and higher systems reliability that enables continuous security.


    Cyber Security - Defending your digital business

    Your business relies on its technology – but lurking around the corner are intruders who can disrupt or devalue your operations. In this whitepaper, Techaisle surveyed mid-market business globally to define the sources of the problem, and how you can establish the control you need to get the best from IT.


    IT Productivity - Integrating and enabling the corporate workspace

    Productivity relies on people, process and technology. The technology advances every day; how can your IT resources and processes keep pace? Techaisle listed a guide to key issues and strategies that help mid-market businesses to capture optimal benefit from business infrastructure.


    Digital Transformation for Midmarket organizational success

    Today, the IT industry is abuzz with discussion of digital transformation. Techaisle views digital transformation as the use and integration of organization-wide digital business processes, including modernization of current processes & supporting infrastructure to achieve previously unattainable or unimaginable business outcomes.


    Effective technology ecosystems enable digital transformation for midmarket companies

    Agility is key to mid-market business. To help you better understand the needs of your own workforce, this report takes you through the survey results of the requirements of users, patterns of work, and the desires of workers in their quest to maximize their ability to contribute to their organizations.


    Securing user devices and data in the age of digital business

    Mid-market technology decision makers face a formidable challenge: Security must be implemented for each user and each device across the enterprise, not just on a local-area network within the walls of a single building. This report shed light on the security issues through survey results and assessed the meanings.


    Cloud-Ready Data Protection with Dell EMC

    Within an always-on digital economy, maximizing security and optimizing productivity is top of mind for today’s mid-market IT decision-maker. Cloud disaster recovery offers more agile and less costly options for protecting a company’s most important asset: its data. This whitepaper explores the IDPA DP4400, a mid-market and cloud-ready data protection solution designed with simplicity in mind.

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    Security threats are constantly evolving and you need a trusted partner to protect your IT investment. Contact a Mid-Market Specialist below for answers.

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