• Two Choices for your Microsoft Environment

      Dell Technologies and Microsoft have partnered to provide two comprehensive solutions that enable hybrid and edge computing applications to be built, run and managed consistently across location boundaries, providing choice and flexibility to address your diverse workload needs.

    • Use Cases

      • Dell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

        For customers looking to:

        • Refresh and modernize aging virtualization platforms
        • Connect to Azure for hybrid capabilities such as cloud-based back-up
        • Provide compute & storage at remote branch offices
        • Deploy and manage high-performance, scalable SQL Server


        Modern Virtualization

        Deploy Trusted Enterprise Virtualization.
        Consolidate legacy apps on an efficient, modern, cloud-enabled HCI that streamlines access to cloud-management and uses virtualization-based security to help protect your security-sensitive workloads.



        Support Large-Scale Virtual Desktop Implementation.
        Use remote desktop services, highly available virtual machines and integrated scalable storage to easily and predictably scale resources and securely deliver desktops on a wide range of devices.



        Virtualize Microsoft SQL Server.
        Deliver a high-performing, scalable and manageable hyperconverged infrastructure for Microsoft SQL Server while using Azure Backup and Azure Blob Storage to back up and restore your organization’s data.

    • Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

      For customers looking to:

      • Run connected or disconnected from Azure
      • Comply with data sovereignty laws and regulations
      • Run Azure-consistent IaaS & PaaS services
      • Build cloud-native modern apps


      Edge Solutions

      Build an Autonomous Cloud.
      Run completely or partially disconnected from the internet and cloud to address latency and connectivity requirements by processioning data locally and aggregating it in Azure for further analytics.


      Data Sovereignty

      Address Data Regulations, Security and Compliance.
      Develop and deploy apps in Azure while maintaining full flexibility to deploy on-premises – with no code changes - to help meet regulatory or policy requirements.


      Modern Application Development

      Simplify Cloud-Native Apps.
      Streamline and simplify cloud-native application development by using consistent toolsets to update and extend legacy applications on-premises while also following a consistent DevOps process across hybrid environments.



      Future Proof Your Business

      Learn how the Dell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack Family portfolio provides the right combination of hyperconverged hardware and software with global services and support. Turn siloed, off-warranty server stacks into bulletproof, software-defined HCI solutions that can run from core to cloud to edge.

    • Dell Technologies on Demand

      More choice, flexibility and assurance in how you consume IT infrastructure.

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy​.

  • Services & Support

    • Every customer gets exactly what they need with Dell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack


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      Storage success with robust storage environment

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      An insurance policy for enhancing IT performance

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      A simplified route to hyperconvergence

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      Nonstop support and scalability

      Growing company, De Stroomlijn, meets its availability and scalability requirements with Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes.