• Data Center Modernization and Migration Services

    • Accelerate your data center transformation

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services experienced consultants, patented methodologies and advanced toolsets accelerate data center transformation in support of your multi-cloud strategy.

      Enjoy 40% faster time-to-completion, 20% resource efficiency gain and 81% return on investment.1

    • Seamless execution of data center transformation.


      Data Center Strategy

      We help you define an optimal consolidation plan built around your specific geographic, compliance and industry needs.

      • Customized data center transformation plan
      • Flexible, whether you’re consolidating many facilities or undertaking a single data center consolidation
      • Select the ideal plan for your exact requirements

      Data Center Migration

      Mitigate risk and reduce costs with our application-centric migration approach, supported by innovative tools and a patented methodology.

      • Define optimal migration packages
      • Leverage automated dashboards
      • Real-time visibility into all project activities

      Insights, perspectives, and customer success stories


      An Application-Centric Approach to Data Center Migration

      Our approach, methodology, automated toolset capabilities, and best practices are applied in data center relocation and modernization programs around the world.


      Data Center Transformation Services

      Our Data Center Modernization and Migration Services help modernize your infrastructure, cut operational costs, improve reliability and efficiency, and give a foundation for agile cloud service consumption.


      The Total Economic Impact™ Of Dell EMC Data Center Modernization And Migration Services - Forrester Report

      Forrester outlines the cost savings and business benefits that our application-centric methodology for Data Center Modernization and Migration enables.


      View our TEI Forrester infographic to learn more about how our Data Center Modernization and Migration services can help you.