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      Participating teams should submit their Projects Abstracts in PDF format containing the following information:

      Question 1: What is the main problem that you are solving?

      Question 2: What is the importance of this problem?

      Question 3: What are the current solutions?

      Question 4: How will your solution solve the problem? What is new?

      Question 5: What is the expected impact of your solution from various perspectives (social, commercial, environmental, etc)?

      Question 6: Give a high level functional description of your solution. How will it be used?

      Question 7: Give a high level technical description of your solution: architecture, technology, integration, innovative components, etc.

      Question 8: Give a high level description of your solution development environment, platform, tools, etc.

      Question 9: How will you manage your product development cycle, your quality assurance process, your solution deployment logistics, etc?

      Question 10: Give the most relevant plans that you have developed for your project (for example, time schedule, resource plan, training plan, risk management, contingency plan, etc.)

      The submitted abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Relevance, originality, significance and expected contributions and impact. The shortlisted projects and teams will be notified to proceed to the next phase of Project Interim Design Layout Submission followed by Final Project Submission for the selection of the winners.

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