Envision the Future

    Powering Human Progress: Developing Technology To Transform Lives

    Dell Technologies Graduation Project Competition for Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkey

      • The use of technology has continued to expand in reach and depth into all sectors, including the healthcare wellness and Education of human beings. This was aided by the huge technological advancements in areas such as Internet-of-Things, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. There are no signs that the adoption of technology in these areas is slowing down anytime soon.

        At Dell Technologies, we are committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Consequently, the 2020/2021 Dell Technologies’ Envision the Future competition encourages the submission of graduation projects that focus on the use of AI, IoT, and Multi-Cloud technologies to develop innovative solutions that address the current and emerging challenges in the Well-being, Healthcare and Education sectors.

        For Specific use cases please refer to Use cases and References section

        Be part of the competition and submit your project abstract from 15th of November- 30th of December 2020.
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