XtremeIO X2 – Top Reasons to Adopt the Lightning Fast Storage Solution

Increasingly the world’s data centers are choosing all-flash arrays as a storage solution because it provides optimal speed, performance, and agility for modern business applications and workloads. But not all platforms are created equal.

Thankfully Dell EMC’s XtremIO X2 is engineered to meet the most demanding Oracle Database requirements using powerful and scalable architecture. In fact, when we first launched XtremIO, it captured the market and raised the bar for premier enterprise storage. We have now built upon this remarkable success and have dramatically improved operational efficiency, copy data management, and application workflows. Dell EMC’s next-generation XtremIO X2 purpose-built all-flash array delivers unprecedented consistency, efficiency, and agility—with zero impact on performance.

High performance meets low latency.
The XtremIO X2 introduces features which boost operational efficiency, unlock agility, and guarantee cost savings. Global data centers using the XtremIO X2 have reduced their storage footprint with up to 25 percent better data reduction, enhanced their software-driven response times up to 80 percent, and increased their support for up to 40 percent more concurrent users for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). And this is all done incredibly simply.

With XtremIO X2, there is no need for planning and tuning the number of database files.

Instead, our scaleup and scale-out storage architecture allows excellent cluster performance with just a single LUN in a single disk group. Additionally, the smartphone app-like simplicity of the interface paired with the powerful enterprise-class features enables employees with no DBA knowledge to easily configure and manage it. This is important for us and our customers because a reduced complexity means more control.

The typical enterprise application is complex with many environments required for testing and development within the lifecycle, but XtremIO X2 uses iCDM to instantly create XVCs from production, or a gold master copy. Currently, over 55% of our customers are using XVCs as writeable copies for active repurposing, thus enabling them to unlock maximum agility. Performance can be further enhanced when using XtremIO X2’s policy-based QoS to lower the activity ceiling for non-critical systems, giving high-priority apps the required capacity that they need.

One size doesn’t have to fit all.
Consistency, scalability, and predictability have not been ignored either. Having been designed from the ground up using new multidimensional hardware, XtremIO X2 balances the distribution of data and eliminates hot spots and it can seamlessly scale-up to as many as 72 SSDs in as few as two drives at a time. Scale-out options ensure the thin provisioning and deduplication benefits of the initial deployment remain intact and prevents multiple zones of deduplication from being created.

The proliferation of copy data on production arrays isn’t showing any sign of stopping and databases are a leading culprit. XtremIO X2 eliminates traditional concerns and only stores unique data that is added or changed from the point that the copy is made and therefore delivers unprecedented performance with zero SSD activity. With sub-30 second asynchronous replication, the platform leverages metadata information on both arrays and replicates only unique blocks to maximize efficiency.

We play for keeps.
We are so convinced about the capabilities of XtremIO X2 that we launched our Future-Proof Loyalty Program to give a three-year satisfaction guarantee for the entire lifetime of our applications at no additional cost, leaving organizations no excuses in transforming their data centers with the next-generation all-flash array for an even lower price than its predecessor!

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