The #1 Scale-Out NAS Platform Just Got Even Better! Looking at the Next Generation Isilon

Organizations today are struggling to keep pace with the rapid growth of data, as well as the need to support increasingly demanding applications that are critical to delivering faster business outcomes. Dell EMC is pleased to announce a brand new generation of Isilon scale-out NAS systems that will not only directly address these concerns, but also blow away expectations!

Based on revolutionary “infinity” architecture, the new generation of Isilon will include flash, hybrid and archive configurations that will fit almost any organization’s needs, regardless of industry. This is a massive step forward for businesses that are already utilizing their IT strategies as a competitive advantage, as they will now be able to take on a wider range of new, more demanding unstructured data applications.

By achieving new levels of efficiency faster, organizations will have the ability to increase their performance, flexibility, and deliver more intuitive control over their data, thus making Isilon the perfect solution for media and entertainment companies, as well as healthcare and financial services.

It’s bigger, better and so much more powerful!

While it’s hard to believe that the existing Isilon could be inferior (as it’s already the #1 scale-out NAS platform on the market), this next generation system is packed with powerful features that dwarf our earlier accolades, including:

  • Future-ready design with Intel Xeon processors and modular components that allow customers to easily upgrade performance and capacity as their needs change.
  • Simplified management, no matter how large the data becomes.
  • Unparalleled density that enables customers to reduce their data center footprint by up to 75%.
  • Cost efficient by dramatically reducing operating expenses associated with cooling, data center power and space requirements.
  • High capacity, secure storage with data protection thanks to OneFS operating system, which integrates all new nodes into existing Isilon clusters.
  • Revolutionary capacity and performance with nodes that deliver up to 9x IOPS, 18x the throughput and 21x the capacity than our closest competitor.

The next generation Isilon systems are available in All-Flash, Hybrid and Archive, each packing their own punch and leading the industry in their class.




Accelerate demanding file workloads with extreme performance and scalability of the Dell EMC Isilon F800. Realize performance, capacity and value for a wide range of enterprise file workloads. Lower the cost to store and protect aging data assets while providing near-primary accessibility.
Up to 250K IOPS and 15GB/s per chassis Isilon H400, H500 and H600 Isilon A200 for active archive storage
96TB to 924TB capacity per chassis Dense 4U chassis saves 75% rack space Isilon A2000 for dense archive storage

All-Flash and scale out storage are critical for organizations striving to achieve digital transformation, and this is something that we put an extremely high value on.  And although we know we have achieved something superior with our new Isilon scale-out NAS systems, don’t just take our word for it…

A comprehensive portfolio such as that that offered by Dell EMC can make the processes of planning, acquisition, deployment and ongoing support far easier for most customers than assembling point storage products from multiple vendors.”

– Mark Peters, practice director & senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

At Dell EMC we always strive to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. And with our Isilon scale-out NAS systems, we did! For more information on Isilon, please go to our homepage here.

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