Taking the steps towards Oman Vision 2040

Georges El-Khoury, Country Manager, Oman

Vision 2040 is set to revolutionize Oman. With an objective to prepare our country for the future whilst embracing and inspiring our rich and diverse culture, I’m excited to see the development the Vision will drive over the next two decades.

Digital Transformation is going to be a huge part of the progress we see in Oman over the coming years. Putting digital solutions at the heart of organizations, allows greater productivity, more adaptability and better cost management, but despite the amazing benefits of transforming, many organizations struggle to execute their strategies.

According to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index in 2019, the top five barriers to Digital Transformation are:

  1. Data privacy and security concerns
  2. Lack of budget and resources
  3. Lack of in-house skills and expertise
  4. Regulation and legislative changes
  5. Immature digital culture

At Dell Technologies, we work with customers to overcome these challenges, and to create strategies and implementation plans which work for your organization and industry. From dealing with legacy systems, to building the right infrastructure, to training the wider team, our experts can work with your IT team every step of the way, so you can reap the rewards and be ready for the digital future.

Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare is one sector that is set to be unrecognizable in the next few decades. Emerging innovations in machine learning and AI have the potential to uncover new ways to diagnose and treat patients. Emerging technologies such as robotics can drastically improve quality of life, particularly for amputee patients. The roll out of 5G will to connect healthcare experts like never before, with remote operations being possible theoretically, should the right infrastructure be in place.

With “a leading healthcare system adopting global standards” called out as a specific priority in the 2040 Vision, healthcare providers must implement digital solutions to provide the best environments and care for patients. Digital Transformation in Healthcare will help to reduce manual tasks for healthcare professionals, diagnose patients faster than ever and discover new and innovative treatments.

Transformation in Schools

Vision 2040 will be largely implemented by the workforce of the future, and for Oman to realize it’s goals fully, students need to be empowered with the knowledge and skills they need to become an pioneering workforce. By integrating digital solutions in the classroom children can learn in new ways, giving them a chance to experiment and develop their creativity at an early age.

At Dell Technologies, we have a range of education solutions to enable a collaborative learning environment in schools. We can work with you to design and implement a transformation strategy that supports educators and gives children the best possible start.

Transformation for sustainability

Sustainability is vital for a healthy and successful future. It is a key goal within Vision 2040, and Oman has already made strides in this space, with the Sultanate’s place in the World Economic Forum Environmental Sustainability rankings improving dramatically in 2019.

Digital solutions can be a huge support in becoming more sustainable. From Smart City solutions reducing waste, to digital workspaces reducing the need for commutes, to successfully operating renewable energy sources. The Dell Technologies 2030 Moonshot Goals demonstrates our commitment to using technology for good, and this includes working with clients to find innovative ways to promote sustainability.

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About the Author: Dell Technologies