Spearheading a shift into the digital future of Qatar

By Travers Nicholas, Country General Manager – Qatar at Dell Technologies

2021 is a year of change. We’re moving past the challenges of 2020 and into the “new normal”. It’s a time for reflection. For analysing what we’ve learnt in the last year. It’s a time to become more resilient, more prepared and more digitized.

Change is something that some can find intimidating. I find times of change exciting; to me a need for change leads to innovation.

Qatar is proof of this. Despite the challenges of the last 12 months, there has been a huge drive forwards. We’ve seen hospitals adopt telemedicine solutions. We’ve seen schools shift to total online learning. We’ve seen organizations across the board accelerate their digital transformation journey to adopt new ways of working. Embracing change in Qatar hasn’t just enabled organizations to survive, it’s enabled them to thrive in a new digital world.

At Dell Technologies, we predict that the next 12 months in Qatar will be no different. We’ll see even more uptake in modern technologies such as hybrid cloud, AI and big data analytics. We’ll see even more organizations unlock the benefits of workforce transformation. We’ll see innovation taken even further to realize the vision of Qatar 2030, and position the country as an economic powerhouse, with digitization the engine behind it.

This is why I’m so excited to be leading the Dell Technologies team in Qatar. To be working in a country that is so ready to embrace change, that isn’t scared or intimidated by it. To be working with a team that are experts in powering it, with agile and robust infrastructure that is prepared for future technologies.

I’ve been with Dell Technologies since 2008, working on projects with several large organizations in Africa to drive their digital agenda. With bold goals to meet as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, I’m excited to apply this experience on a national scale, supporting businesses and government organizations to unlock the power of digital transformation and to drive human progress in the country.

So here we go. Get in touch if you’re looking to unlock innovation for your organization, and follow me on Twitter to track my journey!