Smart Data: The Key to Dubai’s Smart City Strategy

With the UAE achieving 5th place globally for its strategic use of Big Data, it is evident that the government is leveraging the power of analytics to realize its vision of a smart future. Dubai, in particular, is adopting the best available technologies and cutting-edge solutions as part of its smart city initiative to make it the happiest place on earth. By implementing this, Dubai has also inspired neighboring GCC cities to deploy similar initiatives which has propelled the region into a global leader for smart cities.

Digital readiness drives the smart city strategy.

Dubai Municipality is championing the smart transformation processes of public services across the city by advancing data management and creating a unified partnership between the public and private sectors. To utilize ICT as a core building block in this vision, Dell EMC was brought on board to support with an integrated and agile foundation. Our software-defined solutions were immediately able to transform Dubai Municipality’s infrastructure and automate services.

By integrating smart technology into the existing infrastructure, users and service providers were able to make better decisions and reduce inefficiencies. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Command and Control Center has already deployed Software-as-a-Service technology and is reaping the benefits of analytics, actionable insights, and IoT to create better traffic management, road safety, improved mobility schedules for buses and trains, and greater convenience for citizens.

Another breakthrough for the city is the transition to a paperless government by 2020. This switch to digitization will not only eliminate 1 billion pieces of paper per year, but it will also increase productivity. By centralizing and securing the population’s data, the government will have greater opportunity to initiate customized engagements, especially in the areas of energy, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Expanding on these smart transformation initiatives, Dubai Airports (DAFZA) has also adopted Dell EMC’s industry-leading enterprise hybrid cloud, data protection, and backup solutions. Dell EMC’s cloud platform will allow IT to transform service delivery. It will create an environment that enables innovation and establishes disruptive tools that fit into new business models, increase customer engagement, and enable better social experiences for travellers.

Ultimately the success of a smart city rests on the principle of breaking down organizational silos and fostering collaboration. Dubai’s proactive approach has enabled the economy to remain competitive in a world of constant technological change. By bringing other stakeholders to the table, including citizens, data scientists, and IT practitioners, Dubai is creating a unified approach and building a smart city that involves every aspect of digital, IT, workforce, and security transformation.

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