Revealing the “Future of Connected Living” at GITEX Technology Week

With the world around us rapidly changing, it is only natural to spark an ongoing global conversation discussing how this will impact our day to day lives. The possibilities of emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, IOT and so on are almost infinite, however it’s crucial to predict their potential implications to ensure our workplaces, businesses and employees are prepared for this shift.

To combat this, Dell Technologies conducted research in partnership with the Institute for the Future, exploring how emerging technologies will transform how we live by the year 2030. The research was conducted by surveying over 4,600 business leaders from over 40 countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

 What changes can we expect to see?

IFTF predicts five major shifts in the coming decade, using technologies such as edge computing, 5G, AI, Extended Reality (XR) and IoT.

  1. Networked Reality: Over the next decade cyberspace will become an overlay on top of our existing reality as our digital environment extends beyond televisions, smartphones and other displays.
  1. Connected Mobility and Networked Matter: The vehicles of tomorrow will essentially be mobile computers. We will trust them to take us where we need to go in the physical world as we interact in the virtual spaces available to us wherever we are.
  1. From Digital Cities to Sentient Cities: Cities will quite literally come to life through their own networked infrastructure of smart objects, self-reporting systems and AI-powered analytics.
  1. Agents and Algorithms: We will each be supported by a highly personalized “operating system for living” that is able to anticipate our needs and proactively support our day-to-day activities to free up time.
  1. Robot with Social Lives: Robots will become our partners in life – enhancing our skills and extending our abilities. Robots will share newfound knowledge to their social robot network to crowdsource innovations and accelerate progress, in real time.

Becoming future ready

In order to optimize on these changes, organizations that wish to harness the power of the new emerging technologies will need to take steps to effectively collect, process and deploy data to keep pace with rate of rapid innovation. They will also need to address concerns about the fairness of algorithms and data privacy.

Business leaders in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are already anticipating some of these challenges and putting them to the top of agendas. Preparation for embracing these emerging technologies can be seen in the results from the survey:

Mohammed Amin, Senior Vice President at Dell Technologies for the MERAT region, said:

“It is clear that organizations and governments across the world and in particular the UAE and Saudi Arabia, understand how emerging technologies like 5G, AI, Extended Reality, IoT and more, can have a positive impact on building the digital economies of the future. With disruption and change, comes opportunity and growth. Organizations that invest in technologies that are agile and can easily adapt to the changing landscape will deliver game-changing transformation, as they prepare to enter this next era of human and machine partnerships. At a time of unprecedented change, Dell Technologies is committed to delivering the most innovative technologies to help customers in the region reach peak potential in the digital future, that in turn will help power the innovation agenda of the ambitious ‘Digital Transformation’ strategies outlined in the UAE Vision 2021 and Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.”

Read more about the findings of the report here, or get in touch to find out how Dell Technologies can help your organization to be future ready today!

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