Preparing for Attack: Cyber Security in Kuwait

 Samer Saber Regional Director, Kuwait

In 2017, the Kuwaiti government launched the “National Cyber Security Strategy of the State of Kuwait”. The 3-year strategy recognized the increasing risk of cyber-attacks as our economy, cities and health systems come to rely more and more on digital solutions.

Fast-forward to 2020, and the importance of this strategy has never been more apparent. The last few months have put health systems under strain, pushed public safety to the top of the governments agenda, and completely changed the way businesses operate. The potential impact of cyber-attacks is larger than ever and organizations throughout Kuwait need to ensure they have the right systems in place to protect themselves from this risk.

Healthcare Organizations

With added pressure on healthcare organizations it’s easy to let cyber security slide down the priority list. But, as many hospitals are increasingly relying on digital solutions such as the cloud to store patient data, analyze results and enable staff collaboration, protecting these systems demands continual attention.

Healthcare organizations have an increased risk of malware attacks compared to other organizations. Criminals know that with lives on the line, there is a greater likelihood of payout to retrieve patient data and normal operations. Healthcare IT need to be prepared for this, by ensuring all touchpoints are protected, from the edge to the cloud. Dell Technologies Healthcare Security Solutions provides a comprehensive strategy to shield organizations against the risk of attack, ultimately keeping patients safe.

Businesses and employees

Across the globe, businesses and employees have had to adapt to the new normal of remote working, and organizations in Kuwait are no exception. But with employees now spread across multiple locations with varying connections, IT departments face new challenges that weren’t an issue when everyone was working on one secure network.

Now that digital workspaces have become a vital piece of business operations, it’s crucial to ensure these have built in security solutions and operate on a zero trust policy to keep all devices and data protected remotely. IT teams should monitor usage with the help of analytics to check that there are no anomalies in activity which could indicate a risk. Employees should also be a focus, ensuring all team members are aware of what they need to do to keep data safe, and what processes to follow if they feel there has been a breach.

Dell Technologies offer a range of virtual workspaces and cloud native tools with built in security which allow you to continue operations while reducing the risk of attack. A combination of the right tools and the right training for the wider team is the best way to ensure you are protected.

While the Kuwaiti government has paved the way in cyber security with the implementation of National Cyber Security Strategy, individual organizations need to follow suit and ensure their tools protocols are effectively shielding against attacks.

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