Approaching the transformation of your IT like you would approach buying a new toy is basically a good way to start. Because with a toy, just owning it never is the real reason why you wanted it. The real reason is the enjoyment you will potentially be having with it. The same is true for your IT:

Just having a new converged or hyper-converged piece of infrastructure is not the point. Being able to have more fun however, is. Or in other words: Being able to spend more time actually running your business and not being occupied with building and managing infrastructure is.

The statistics prove that: IDC found converged infrastructure customers achieve 4.6 x more applications deployed, 96% reduction in downtime, 4.4x faster app delivery and 41% less time keeping the light on. But one thing is important: Do not overdo it. Don’t fall for all the fun of your new possibilities, ignoring the fact that your data and applications still need to be protected regardless of where they are, against whatever might happen, and at the right service level based on business value. What this boils down to is this: Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure systems still require data protection.

And just as for the benefits of CI and HCI, there are statistics to prove this: according to the Global Data Protection Index 2016, external security breach was the #1 cause of the data loss and/or systems downtime during the course of 2016, costing organizations an average of $730.000 per year. And the cyber-criminals themselves are quickly adapting to new possibilities as well. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes. And their goals vary: Some steal data in order to sell it on the black market, while others just want to damage the organization’s operational readiness.

These trends already left their mark: according to a June 2016 survey of 2200 IT decision makers across 18 countries in Dell EMC’s 2nd Global Data Protection Index, 83% of survey respondents said data protection is a mandatory or very important criterion when selecting a converged infrastructure solution. And most of them ended up with a solution by Dell EMC.

And not without reason. For years, we are always right at the frontline of the battle against cyber-criminals, providing top-of-the-line solutions and trying our best to inform our partners about the newest threats and possibilities to protect themselves. Only our partners? Absolutely not: If you would like to know more about todays cyber security and data protection landscape (especially ransomware attacks), join our webinar:

Is your company ready to respond to a cyber attack?

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Our hosts, Karim Hamdy, Solution Engineer, Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions and Carol Elstien, Advisory Solutions Principal Dell EMC Business Resiliency Services will tell you everything you need to know about:

  • The new cyber-threat landscape for 2017
  • How to protect your mission critical data and ensure your business continuity in case of a ransomware attack?
  • Dell EMC Isolated Recovery Solutions: the last line of defence against ransomware and destructive cyber-attacks.

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