Is your organization ready for AR and VR?

  • The right workstations are crucial for organizations to be future ready
  • Dell Precision Workstations offer a range of options to suit the specific requirements of various job roles
  • Key software and applications are tested on Dell Precision Workstations to ensure compatibility, efficiency and productivity
  • In the Oil and Gas industry, VR and AR can be used for subsurface exploration, reducing risk and cost

Oil & gas. Manufacturing. Education. Construction. Health.

The list goes on. All of these industries and more are being revolutionized by technology, and as AR and VR is rolled out more widely, the possibilities for innovation and new ways of working will grow exponentially. Preparation is no longer optional, organizations need to be prepared for this shift in order to carve out a successful future.

To explore the possibilities of AR & VR, on 19th January, Dell Technologies held an intimate workshop in Dubai, exploring the impact of these technologies on our digital future. The event was held in partnership with Halliburton, one of our software AR and VR partners.

A workstation for the future

The first step of preparation is future-proofing workstations. The right tools are critical to bring intellectual property to life effectively.

  • Interactive vs Computational

To start with, it’s important to consider what each job function needs from a system – is the focus interactive, computational, or a mixture of both? For example, a creative designer is likely to need more interactive functions (photo editing, animation capabilities, video editing), whereas a financial analyst is likely to have more of a focus on computational (running analysis and simulations). It’s important to consider these requirements as a starting point of selecting the right system.

  • Fixed vs Mobile

Mobile systems are becoming faster and more powerful every day, but fixed systems generally continue to outperform on processing, memory and display. Depending on the role, the requirement for flexibility may outweigh the need for power, or vice versa. Docking stations can also be considered where flexibility is needed but with the option for a full display.

  • Consider the software

Depending on the industry and job role, the software needed is different. If the system isn’t ready to run the applications required, it can result in inefficiency, added costs and wasted time. At Dell Technologies, we partner with key software companies to test industry leading applications, ensuring our Precision Workstations support these. Find out more about the tested applications here.

  • Support the hardware

The move to VR will also require new hardware to be linked up to workstations, in the form of VR headsets. In the past this hardware has required multiple cables to work effectively, but the VirtualLink USB-C Port now allows one cable to link the headset.

Using software to apply VR to the real world

Halliburton develop AR and VR software which can be used with Dell Precision Workstations to specifically aid professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry. The applications can help reduce cost and risk across the lifecycle of a site, from exploration to extraction.

One example of an application of this is in subsurface visualization. Taking learnings from the gaming industry, it is possible to use AR and VR to look at different simulations and possibilities to make subsurface exploration safer and to reduce costs. It would also be possible to connect teams in different locations to look at one simulation, a helpful tool in the oil and gas industry in particular where team members are often based in different onshore, offshore and HQ locations.

Overall, for VR and AR to be successfully applied to real world use cases, it requires all elements to work together seamlessly –cloud, processors, monitors, graphics, software and so on. At Dell Technologies we understand the need for this, and for our clients to be ready to utilize AR and VR technology to push innovation forward.

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