Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Enabling a Harmonious IT Environment

We’re all familiar with the old adage that working together builds success, so why don’t many more businesses deploy this same principle to their IT department? With Dell EMC celebrating our one-year anniversary of VxRail Appliance in the market this February, we thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to relook at Converged Infrastructure and how it can benefit an organization of any size.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), in a nutshell, compiles separate technologies into one single, modular solution, which ultimately increases speed, agility and drives innovation. Converged Infrastructure can also prevent IT sprawl within organizations by establishing an optimized cloud foundation for networking, storage and servers.

Many industries have experienced the revolutionary effects of HCI, including the healthcare and government sectors. By eliminating unplanned downtime, replacing aging and expensive to maintain IT components, and automating processes through a self-service portal, HCI can shift more than 50% of IT expenses to innovation. And it’s this action alone that makes businesses more competitive through faster delivery and improved customer service.

More organizations than ever are looking to deploy HCI, if they haven’t already done so, because a data center that is simpler, more flexible, efficient and cost-effective allows corporations to accelerate time to market and dedicate considerably more resources developing new products and services. So it’s without surprise that many of these organizations are choosing Dell EMC’s HCI solutions, which represents more than a quarter of all Hyper-Converged Infrastructure systems sold worldwide.

At Dell EMC, our goal is to deliver a more automated, self-service IT model and our VxRail Appliance does just that. Since the launch, Dell EMC has sold 8000 VxRail nodes to customers in 78 countries, making it the most rapidly adopted hyper-converged infrastructure appliance ever! And we are pleased to announce that Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is now on VxRail Appliances. This groundbreaking move will allow companies to start small and grow proportionately on their journey to digital transformation, while simultaneously enjoying the same benefits as large enterprises.

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About the Author: Dell Technologies