How to immediately detect & combat advanced cyber threats

Cyberattacks are mainstream  now: from advanced malware to ransomware – no infrastructure is fully proof or 100 % safe on its own anymore. However, it is extremely important to detect and respond to compromises and report breaches very quickly. See how RSA NetWitness Suite can help you achieve that!

The sophistication of threat actors and the expanding attack surface make it nearly impossible for security teams to discover and understand the scope of compromises before they are able to damage the business. While threat actors may employ multiple attack methods, security teams often make decisions based on what is seen at a single point in time or for a single incident without understanding the full attack campaign.

RSA NetWitness Suite

This can inadvertently tip off an adversary and actually help attackers improve their tactics or cover their tracks, which can make detection and accurate response more challenging.

Karim Abillama
Karim Abillama, System Engineering Manager at RSA.

Ask yourself: Do you have the right visibility needed to early detect & combat advanced threats? We are asking that question to Karim Abillama, System Engineering Manager at RSA during our live webinar on Wednesday, May 31st, 12:00 pm CET/03:00 p.m. GST. Register now for the free webinar.

During this webinar, you will learn about why a ‘new threat, new box’ approach is failing and you will also learn about the importance of having the right visibility across your environment and how to  leverage the RSA NetWitness Suite® to detect the suspicious patterns of behavior associated with recent attack campaigns.

About RSA Netwitness Suite

Did you ever wonder, why attackers are so successful? There are several reasons: Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and targeted, they have larger attack surfaces to exploit and organizations’ existing security controls are failing. Against this backdrop, organizations need to take their security incident detection, investigation and response capabilities or their Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to the next level.

There are three areas of focus to most effectively improve these capabilities: people, process and technology. The RSA NetWitness Suite provides the foundation with pervasive visibility, enabling improved detection, investigation.

Register now to our free webinar with Karim Abillama, System Engineering Manager at RSA on May, 31st, 12 pm CET and learn about RSA NetWitness suite.

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