Exploring The Digital Future with Dell Technologies at GITEX 2019

A five day gathering of the greatest minds in technology from across the region, GITEX 2019 promised a look into the latest innovations and an exploration of future opportunities. The theme of the event was ‘Synergizing the Mind and Technology Economy’, which brought the interesting and enriching topic of empowering human-machine partnerships to the forefront of conversations.

At the Dell Technologies stand, visitors got a first-hand experience of the power of our solutions in four main zones:

  • Digital Enterprise
  • Modern IT Solutions
  • Future Ready Workforce
  • Security Transformation

There was also a 360 immersive experience room which introduced visitors to the four main transformational pillars.

By all accounts, it was an eventful and exciting week. In case you missed any of the action, here are some of the highlights from the Dell Technologies Stand.

Digital enterprise enabling the UAE’s 2021 vision

The UAE’s 2021 Vision sits at the heart of the country’s national agenda, with ambitious goals across 6 key pillars. At GITEX 2019, Dell Technologies demonstrated how an innovative smart contracts system using state of the art block chain technology is enabling the country to meet these goals. The new system will reduce the vendor registration time from 59 days to 6 minutes, allowing SMB’s to participate in tenders and ultimately improving the economy of the UAE. It is one exciting use case for the emerging technology, which has potential to revolutionize government processes and create exciting new opportunities for businesses across the world.

Predicting change

GITEX 2019 also saw the unveiling of Dell Technologies research into The Future of Connected Living, conducted with the Institute for the Future (IFTF). Over 4,600 business leaders from over 40 countries were surveyed to explore how emerging technologies will transform how we live by the year 2030. The findings detail exciting opportunities and innovations which have the potential to drive human progress across the world.

The research will act as a valuable resource for forward thinking organizations when planning their future operations, identifying 5 major changes which have the power to change lives globally. Read more about the research in the full report here.

Enabling a future ready workforce

GITEX 2019 was an opportunity to showcase the latest solutions to enable a future ready workplace. Employees of the future will look for flexibility and efficiency to allow them to complete their work quickly in a way which suits them. This is a challenge which a range of Dell workstations have been created to tackle, from lighter-than-ever laptops for travelers, to rugged systems for those in extreme conditions, to specialized desktop systems.

On Tuesday, we welcomed some of the future workforce, our Envision the Future competition winners. The competition aims to inspire and support technological innovations among youth in the region in line with the Dell Technologies Progress Made Real – Vision 2030 goals.

The winning group from Helwan University in Egypt, developed a unique system that is able to recognize the patter of brain waves and convert them into words. The project stands apart because of its use of innovative technology to create a system that can understand unspoken speech with an accuracy rate of at least 94%. The second and third place were won by students from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan and Alexandria University, Egypt respectively. You can learn more about the entries and competition here.

We thank all the visitors to the Dell Technologies stand for your thoughts, insights and opinions on the latest innovations, and look forward to greeting you again next year!

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