Explore healthcare of the future, in the Digital Hospital 3D Experience

Havier Haddad, General Manager, Gulf Region

Our approach to healthcare is shifting. From reactive to proactive. From response to recovery. The shift to the “Next Normal” is coming, and it’s digital.

Over the last year, we’ve spoken a lot about the challenges healthcare providers have had to overcome, and overcome they have. Healthcare IT has supported the effort of frontline workers to keep patient care and safety a priority, by rolling out telemedicine options, enabling creative uses of data and implementing new digital solutions to drive efficiency.

Now we find ourselves shifting into the “Next Normal”, Healthcare IT are required to up their game once again. The potential of emerging technologies in healthcare is incredibly exciting; it could speed up the race to cure cancer, it could help elevate training through VR, it could even bring healthcare to those who previously couldn’t access it, with the help of telemedicine and remote surgery. Personally, this is one of the areas of IT I am most passionate about, as it’s truly an opportunity for us as technologists to impact human progress and actually save lives.

But there’s a catch; all this is only possible with the right infrastructure and transformation strategy in place.

Creating a transformation strategy, and adapting an existing strategy, can be a daunting prospect. As Healthcare IT, you need solutions you can roll out quickly to rise to the challenges of today, whilst also pre-empting and preparing for the possibilities of tomorrow. With so many solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to identify the options that best suit your needs.

Introducing the Digital Hospital 3D Experience; a full experiential walk-through of a hospital environment. Powered by Dell Technologies.

The Digital Hospital 3D Experience has been designed with this in mind. It’s an immersive experience, bringing products to life in a hospital environment so you can find the right fit for your future health vision. Discover products and solutions in your own time, learn more about those that interest you the most and let the options shape your strategy for the future.

Register today and explore the experience in your own time, using the guides to navigate through the four showcase areas, or the menu for quicker access. To read more about the products, access data sheets and watch videos, just click on the information trigger points, and don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions you’d like to discuss.

I hope you find the Digital Hospital 3D Experience helpful in shaping your Healthcare IT strategy. We at Dell Technologies are ready to empower your healthcare transformation vision from the point of care, to the data center to the cloud, and I personally cannot wait to see how innovation and emerging technologies will shape the hospitals of tomorrow.

Register for the Digital Hospital 3D Experience today.