Driving Healthcare Innovation

Digital transformation has been top of the agenda for organizations across industries for a number of years, with huge potential for organizations to drive efficiency, enable innovation and save costs. The health industry however, takes this one step further, where emerging technologies have a proven track record in saving lives.

Digital transformation has changed the face of healthcare, with triumphs like AI-driven genomic research driving new advances in precision medicine and machine learning algorithms speeding up the drug-discovery process at this critical moment. Yet some areas of healthcare still need to catch up. Despite decades of use, Electronic Health Records remain inconsistent in their adoption and utility and the use of technology varies widely, held back by legacy processes, logistical hurdles and funding challenges.

How can Healthcare organizations address these challenges, and make transformation a reality?

According to the Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index in 2019, the top five barriers to Digital Transformation are:

  1. Data privacy and security concerns
  2. Lack of budget and resources
  3. Lack of in-house skills and expertise
  4. Regulation and legislative changes
  5. Immature digital culture

Healthcare IT professionals are particularly aware of these challenges, and with a huge amount of mission critical applications and sensitive data on the line, it’s fundamental that any strategy or implementation plan is thought out to the most minute detail to eliminate any risk. This can make Healthcare IT Transformation a daunting prospect, however with the correct partner and insights, these challenges can be overcome.

Dell Technologies are here to support

At Dell Technologies, we’re proud to have supported numerous healthcare organizations implement their HIT strategies. With a range of solutions specifically designed for healthcare, we have the hardware, software and expertise to transform healthcare services for management, clinical staff and patients.

As part of our commitment to HIT we also host regular healthcare IT events, where some of the world’s leading executives and regional experts come together to discuss and address specific challenges when it comes to HIT. The sessions offer industry-specific insights and knowledge from leaders who have undergone their transformation, and will equip those who attend with strategic actions they can take based on first-hand experience.

If you’d like more information about our Healthcare IT Solutions or about future events, please get in touch.

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