Dell EMC Forum 2017: The Dawn of the New Industrial Revolution

Huge shifts in the modern business world are being driven by rapidly increasing data volumes, unprecedented connectivity and evolving demands from the workforce. Expanding on last year’s Forum, Dell EMC wants to help equip IT professionals with the latest information on technologies, mindsets and delivery methods that will drive success in the new digital era.

The Dell EMC Forum 2017 will take place in Cairo on April 19 and will specifically focus on the demands for achieving digital transformation. From applications and data, to infrastructure and security, Dell EMC understands the power and potential of capitalizing your IT environment.

The need for IT modernization is apparent.

The new digital economy is transforming the way we live and work by creating a world where everything is connected, and powerful new insights are at our fingertips.

“Every person and organization now has faster access to innovative goods and services and they expect the same from your company.” – Patricia Florissi

Many organizations face critical IT modernization issues. Outdated legacy systems are often the biggest hurdle, but other modernization challenges can include lack of qualified staff, budget constraints and security concerns. But embarking on a journey of digital transformation need not be a fearful experience.

Dell EMC Forum is designed to deliver the latest IT news and information in an interactive platform that delivers an in-depth understanding of the technologies, mindsets and delivery methods, helping you drive success in the new digital era.

What can you expect from Forum 2017?

Hosted by keynote speaker, Patricia Florissi – Global CTO for Sales, the Dell EMC Forum 2017 includes new panel discussions, forums and engaging exhibits that will help equip and inspire IT professionals to embark on modernizing their IT centers more confidently.

 Highlights include:

  • Cloud Computing – discover flexible and scalable architectures, and automation solutions that drive IT-as-a-Service.
  • Modern Analytics – unleash the potential of your organization with deep data insights that drive innovation.
  • Converged Infrastructures – understand how to simplify and accelerate outcomes.
  • Digital Transformation Strategies – equip yourself with the knowledge to power the modern data center with all-flash, scale-out and software-defined infrastructures.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to connect with peers, learn from industry experts and experience a variety of new technologies.

Let the transformation begin!

Dell EMC Forum 2017 is a free one-day technology event where IT professionals explore business trends, cloud directions, use cases and best practice discussions.

About the Author: Dell Technologies