Changing Hospitals into Diagnostic Centers

Healthcare is progressing in more ways than just medicine. Currently, hospitals hold a wealth of information about how they deliver services, manage patients, and treat disease, but to date, very little has been done to understand and use this data effectively.

Big data has the potential to open new doors and opportunities for hospitals, and unlocking its secrets could be the key to transforming an entire industry. Personalized medicine, customized treatment, and targeted symptom management are just some of the ways that early adopters are benefiting from data analytics, but it also allows doctors to use their cumulative past experiences to be better informed about treating the patients of the future.

The opportunities are huge, but the challenges are many.

Applying big data analytics to hospitals could increase patient outcomes dramatically – instead of relying on doctors to understand all of your symptoms and medical history in one appointment and make an accurate diagnosis, we could be utilizing computers to consolidate your entire health history, combine it with genetics, and compare it against other cases globally, to gain far better insights into your health and diagnosis. But this kind of progress requires an intensive overhaul on the healthcare system.

Architecture, data security, data management, integration, and employee training are just some of these obstacles. But thankfully, a new wave of research projects, that leverage the power of IT transformation in hospitals, are taking place. These combine vast amounts of personal and operational data onto readily available compute and storage solutions, and then utilize cutting edge analytics tools and techniques to translate the information into actionable healthcare initiatives. Additionally, big data analytics allows for potential new discoveries that just aren’t possible with traditional analytics methods and legacy systems.

Dell EMC is proud to be collaborating with multiple medical institutions, both locally and globally. Our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Data Lake Solutions are excellent tools for hospitals to process and condense multiple sources of patient information into something that doctors can interpret and act on.

Welcome to the Cloud Hospital!

As legacy systems get replaced and make way for newer technology and younger, more tech savvy doctors join the workforce, hospitals will completely transform as we know them.

Healthcare has the potential to harness the power of the internet to improve patient care, from expanding the search for suitable doctors and enhancing communications with medical experts, to sourcing available medications and providing remote monitoring of chronic health conditions. And that’s not even mentioning the advances in life-saving techniques, improved operational efficiency, or possible cost reductions.

VMax All-Flash is a robust solution for hospitals and healthcare centers that can reduce their data footprint by up to 85%, and significantly reduce costs while improving performance. This upgrade of IT infrastructure also extends it benefits into improving and enhancing patient care that saves lives.

Hospitals all over the planet (including those in the GCC) are starting to take steps to modernize their infrastructure and embark on a journey of IT transformation. Already most major hospitals and private medical centers have digitized their patient records, while others have made progress in automating their booking and communications systems. However, industry disruptors are transforming the cycle of ‘fix and repair’ to ‘predict and prevent’, and this trend is only going to explode as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things gain greater traction in the market.

Life changing and life saving technologies.

While there is no “quick cure” for digital transformation, the pooling of ever more medical data and the development of smarter AI raises the hope that cures for rare, undiscovered, and misunderstood diseases will eventually come.

We at Dell EMC, aim to help advance medical science, by supporting hospitals to transform the way they work, so that they can change the lives of the patients they serve. We are uniquely positioned to power IT transformation by delivering best in class technology for applications, data, infrastructure, and security, from the edge to the core to the cloud.

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