Celebrating the International Day for Peace

Marking the International Day for Peace on 21st September, Dell Technologies organized a half Marathon in Egypt at the Great Pyramids to support wellness and global peace. The event included more than 1000 runners who gathered to send a message from Egypt to the world celebrating and promoting the important messages of the day.

Dell Technologies’ Employees, Partners, Customers and University Students participated in the Dell Technologies’ Marathon, training ahead of the date in preparation. A warm up event was held in Cairo to encourage and prepare internal teams to join in the event. Training tips and hints were given, and the marathon was promoted in the offices with posters and teasers to encourage employees to sign up!

The marathon could be done in teams of 2 or 4 running 5-10 km each, or individually for the full 21 km. At the marathon there was a chance to donate and support the cause.

Magued Mahmoud, VP & General Manager, Egypt Center of Excellence at Dell Technologies said:

 “With the growing scale of our operations in Egypt, we introduced the Dell Technologies Marathon to create this unique opportunity for our team members, partners, customers and university students to engage jointly in a large event at an iconic location on a globally recognized day. We are all excited to meet the common objective of promoting wellness, sending a message of peace from Cairo to the world, in addition to making a social impact and giving back to our community. Hopefully this will be just the beginning and kick-off from Cairo of an annual Dell Technologies Marathon globally.”  

Tarek Heiba, General Manager, Egypt & Libya at Dell Technologies also embraced the event, stating:

 “Dell Technologies has organized this Marathon to promote global peace and to insist on supporting this cause while highlighting the importance of practicing sports in our daily routine for wellness and supporting a better life. Dell Technologies’ employees will be participants in addition to our customers, partners and university students” 

The race started 7 am at the Great Pyramids in Egypt on 21st September. A warm up session was held before the race and employees who were not interested in running joined to cheer or walk in support of those participating.

Congratulations to all the runners who took part and made the event a huge success!

About the Author: Dell Technologies