Building the Modern Data Center: From Cost Centre to Profit Centre


Walid Yehya, Presales Director, Dell EMC, Turkey, East Europe, Africa and Middle East

As disruption continues to transform standard business models, organizations are depending upon IT to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. These new technologies can transform the way IT operates and delivers services to customers. Whether it’s the creation of new and faster apps or mining insights from data and analytics, business transformation is enabled and underpinned by our modern data center.

Modernize, Automate, Transform

Although digital transformation never ends, it does begin with the Modern Data Center and one of the first steps in deploying a successful Modern Data Center is to automate delivery of IT services through agile software and cloud integration.

This infrastructure supports rapid application development platforms, which allow the quick and efficient release of applications on much shorter time frames (sometimes in days) versus traditional waterfall applications that take months or years to deploy. They will leverage data analytics in the background to behave smartly to create a high quality user experience. Deploying and maintaining an IT infrastructure strains budgets and resources without adding any value to the business.

Converged Infrastructure provides pre-integrated, workload-optimized technology that allows IT teams to focus on delivering IT services rather than maintaining the infrastructure.  Likewise, Hybrid Cloud delivers automated infrastructure services for traditional applications across public and private clouds ensuring the delivery of services at greater speed, agility and resiliency, all while minimizing costs and reducing security risks.

Flash is the right storage foundation for any organization that plans to evolve into an agile digital enterprise while Software-Defined Data Centre, a fully integrated enterprise-ready solution, supports mission critical applications and enables prompt delivery of IT.

The Modern Data Center is the future of IT infrastructure

In the past data centers used to consume as much as 70% of IT budgets in maintaining outdated legacy systems. But with the rise of mobile devices, cloud computing, social media, and the Internet of Things, the way applications are built, deployed, and utilized has transformed significantly. And the IT model of years passed, no longer fits. The Modern Data Center therefore begins with a fundamental shift from building to buying IT infrastructure.

Digital transformation will allow businesses to truly take advantage of new digital revenue streams, develop smarter products and deliver the improved experiences that customers expect. And with the implementation of the Modern Data Center, businesses can expect to see increased profitability and bigger bottom lines; which ultimately is what investors want to see!

Flash, Cloud, Scale-Out, Software-Defined and Trust are essential attributes that Dell EMC values in our products, and we believe that they are critical for the foundation of the Modern Data Center.

You can find Dell EMC’s portfolio of products for the Modern Data Center in their storage platforms and converged infrastructure solutions.

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